So.  I don't know if you guys have been to Fallingwater, but hopefully you have.  If you have not, let me tell you all about it.  Fallingwater is a house that Frank Lloyd Wright (born June 8th, 1867, hence this post) designed for the Kaufmann family near the town of Ohiopyle, PA.

Quite frankly, it is one of the most interesting buildings ever.  Without going into a ton of details, technical and otherwise, that I don't know and/or can't remember, the house is built over a waterfall using a cantilever technique which makes it seem to almost be hovering over nothing.  Which is rad, obviously, but it has a ton of other really cool features also.  There's this awesome staircase down to the water from the living room and it leads to what is probably the world's first infinity pool at the bottom.  That's right, the river flows into a small, enclosed swimming area and then out again.  Which freaking rocks.


Fallingwater also has a traditional pool and a pool house.  There's an external staircase that connects an office on the second floor with a bedroom on the third.  My point is that the house is really really cool.  If it weren't a National Landmark it would be a serious goal of mine to one day live there.  As it is, I'll have to settle for my goal being to one day try and have an homage built, haha.


One last interesting thing about Fallingwater (and reportedly all of the residences Wright designed, though Fallingwater is the only one I've seen for myself), the ceilings throughout the property are all quite low.  Apparently Wright had very strong feelings about wasted space, which is why he designed his houses to accommodate people walking around but not much more.  Like, the ceilings at Fallingwater are low enough that a tall person would have to stoop to get through the doors and would reach the ceiling long before they reached their arms to their full length above.  It actually makes you feel a little claustrophobic.  I think if you lived there you'd eventually get used to it, but just visiting it is pretty unnerving.  At least for me.


Anyway, Frank Lloyd Wright not only designed really cool buildings but also led a pretty fascinating and controversial/scandalous life.  His family on his mother's side had Welsh heritage and he named a house he designed for himself Taliesin, after a figure in Welsh mythology.  He was married three times and had seven children (several of whom also were/are architects, which is interesting in itself.)  Basically he was an incredibly interesting person and you should probably look into it.

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