So.  I don’t know if you guys have been to Falling­wa­ter, but hope­ful­ly you have.  If you have not, let me tell you all about it.  Falling­wa­ter is a house that Frank Lloyd Wright (born June 8th, 1867, hence this post) designed for the Kauf­mann fam­i­ly near the town of Ohiopy­le, PA.

Quite frankly, it is one of the most inter­est­ing build­ings ever.  With­out going into a ton of details, tech­ni­cal and oth­er­wise, that I don’t know and/or can’t remem­ber, the house is built over a water­fall using a can­tilever tech­nique which makes it seem to almost be hov­er­ing over noth­ing.  Which is rad, obvi­ous­ly, but it has a ton of oth­er real­ly cool fea­tures also.  There’s this awe­some stair­case down to the water from the liv­ing room and it leads to what is prob­a­bly the world’s first infin­i­ty pool at the bot­tom.  That’s right, the river flows into a small, enclosed swim­ming area and then out again.  Which freak­ing rocks.


Falling­wa­ter also has a tra­di­tion­al pool and a pool house.  There’s an exter­nal stair­case that con­nects an office on the sec­ond floor with a bed­room on the third.  My point is that the house is real­ly real­ly cool.  If it weren’t a Nation­al Land­mark it would be a seri­ous goal of mine to one day live there.  As it is, I’ll have to set­tle for my goal being to one day try and have an homage built, haha.


One last inter­est­ing thing about Falling­wa­ter (and report­ed­ly all of the res­i­dences Wright designed, though Falling­wa­ter is the only one I’ve seen for myself), the ceil­ings through­out the prop­er­ty are all quite low.  Appar­ent­ly Wright had very strong feel­ings about wast­ed space, which is why he designed his hous­es to accom­mo­date peo­ple walk­ing around but not much more.  Like, the ceil­ings at Falling­wa­ter are low enough that a tall per­son would have to stoop to get through the doors and would reach the ceil­ing long before they reached their arms to their full length above.  It actu­al­ly makes you feel a lit­tle claus­tro­pho­bic.  I think if you lived there you’d even­tu­al­ly get used to it, but just vis­it­ing it is pret­ty unnerv­ing.  At least for me.


Any­way, Frank Lloyd Wright not only designed real­ly cool build­ings but also led a pret­ty fas­ci­nat­ing and controversial/scandalous life.  His fam­i­ly on his mother’s side had Welsh her­itage and he named a house he designed for him­self Tal­iesin, after a fig­ure in Welsh mythol­o­gy.  He was mar­ried three times and had sev­en chil­dren (sev­er­al of whom also were/are archi­tects, which is inter­est­ing in itself.)  Basi­cal­ly he was an incred­i­bly inter­est­ing per­son and you should prob­a­bly look into it.

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