The tigers at the Pgh zoo are Amur tigers, which are one of the rarest subspecies. Amur is also a gorgeous word to say.

A lot of kids go through a bunch of answers when someone asks them what they want to be when they grow up.  Astronaut, president, princess, the stock responses.  Mine was, for a long time, that I wanted to feed the tigers at the zoo.  Sometimes I think it's still my ambition.  There's no real reason it can't be, other than the reasons for which I decided against it in the first place, which were that I didn't want to spend years studying things like Organic Chemistry and other only vaguely related gibberish.


This guy literally has my dream job. I want to hug a lion. I want my job title to be "Lion-Hugger"

The nerd in me (i.e., almost 100% of me) finds this difficult to admit, but I frequently find formally learning hard science to be unbelievably boring.  I don't know why, because I find science and mathematics fascinating, but there's just something about classroom biology that is a total snoozefest.  Oh well.  I do, however, love science documentaries.  Particularly nature films.  When I was a kid, my grandmother would tape nature documentaries that she saw on television for me and every time I went to her house, I would spend hours watching movies about lions, tigers, bears, and all other kinds of wildlife.

I also had a million pets as a kid.  A dog, several cats, lizards of various kinds, snakes, a newt, toads, birds in many varieties, fish, and a ferret all were part of my menagerie.  I've severely downgraded now (we only have three cats at my apartment) and I'm not sure I would repeat the experience, but there is certainly something profound about being responsible for other lives and something amazing and humbling about receiving the affection and trust of animals. It's the best.

So anyway, since it's National Zookeeper Week, maybe go to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, it's an awesome place.  One of my favorite places, actually.  If you see any of the zookeepers while you're there, tell them that they rock.  If not from you, tell them from me.

Hey, here are some awesome zoo animals!




World's happiest panda.

Amur Tiger Cub

Baby tigers are literally the world's best thing. If I ever get to heaven, I'm assuming it'll just be fields upon fields of baby tigers.


Baby giraffes also classically trained in cuteness.

Hasani, Bawang

And I'll leave you with a mom and baby gorilla because d'awwwwww.



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