Hap­py March, friends! Bulbs are com­ing up, days are get­ting longer, and we’ve got a whole new mon­th of cel­e­bra­tions, of course! From Wom­en of Col­or Day, to Nation­al Nap­ping Day, to Won’t You Be My Neigh­bor Day, and Nation­al Respect Your Cat Day, there’s a whole lot to cel­e­brate. Read on to see what’s get­ting our panties in a bunch this mon­th!

March starts off awe­some with Wom­en of Col­or Day (March 1) and Hop on Pop for Dr. Seuss Day (March 2)! March 3 brings a few cel­e­bra­tions with Nation­al Mulled Wine DayNation­al Sales­per­son Day, and Unique Names Day. Bonus points if your’re buy­ing your mulled wine from some­one named Thor. On March 4 the Pitts­burgh Sym­pho­ny Orches­tra plays the Music of Prince, and it’s also Gram­mar Day- be the gram­mar police! The week ends with tons of Ore­os for Nation­al Oreo Day (March 6).

Birth­days this week: Aragorn (1), Dr. Seuss and John Irv­ing (2), and George Michael Bluth (3).

March 8 is a great day! It’s Inter­na­tion­al Women’s Day. Cel­e­brate the wom­en in your life, and the wom­en you look up to. And don’t for­get, KU is a wom­en owned busi­ness! March 9 is Pop­corn Lovers Day and Get Over It Day. Get over your love of pop­corn. But STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH IT! On March 10 tell us your mid­dle name, pack your lunch, play your bag­pipes, and gen­er­al­ly be awe­some because it’s Mid­dle Name Pride DayNation­al Pack Your Lunch Day, Inter­na­tion­al Bag­pipe Day, and Day Of Awe­some­ness. Oh, and don’t for­get Mar­io Day! It’sameeeeee! Plant an apple tree and wear dat fan­ny­pack on March 11 for Inter­na­tion­al Fan­ny Pack Day and John­ny Apple­seed Day. Turn your clocks for­ward and BASK in that extra day­light because day­light sav­ing time begins on March 12. And on the 13, take a nap from your cir­ca­di­an rhythm being all dis­turbed and shit on Nation­al Nap­ping Day. This week ends with Nation­al Pota­to Chip DaySteak and BJ Day, Cel­e­brate Sci­en­tists Day, and Pi Day on March 14. You know what to do.

Birth­days this week: Remus Lupin (10), Neo and Dou­glas Adams (11), Homer Simp­son (12), Albert Ein­stein (14)

BEWAAAAAAARE, THE IDES OF MARCH! March 15 is (obvi­ous­ly) the Ides Of March, as well as True Con­fes­sions Day, and Penis Day. What you do with all that is up to you. March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day! Green beer, lep­rechauns, and green every­where! Get weird on March 18 for Awk­ward Moments DayFirst Day of SpringWon’t You Be My Neigh­bor DayWorld Sto­ry­telling Day, and Extrater­res­tri­al Abduc­tions Day are all on March 20. So much fun on one day! On March 21, it’s Nation­al Crunchy Taco DayWorld Poet­ry DayWorld Pup­petry Day, and Inter­na­tion­al Day Of Forests. Sounds like our pup­pets need to read poet­ry about tacos and forests.

Birth­days this week: Kev­in Smith (16), Lois Lowry and Mr. Rogers (20)

Get a pup­py and a kit­ten, and some chip and dips on March 23 for Nation­al Chip and Dip DayNation­al Pup­py Day, and Cud­dly Kit­ten Day. So cute. On March 24–25 it’s the Jane Austen Fes­ti­val and the Pitts­burgh Farm to Table Con­fer­ence. Yas! Get your mits on some Tolkien on March 25 for Tolkien Read­ing Day, and fol­low that up with Free The Nip­ple Day and Make Up Your Own Hol­i­day Day on March 26. Any­thing goes, yinz. March 28 is Nation­al Respect Your Cat Day and Nation­al Children’s Pic­ture Book Day. Though, we’d say this is every­day, real­ly. Last but not least, March 30 is Nation­al Pen­cil Day! What’s your fave kind of pen­cil?

Birth­days this week: Won­der Wom­an and James T. Kirk (22)

So, what do you think?