Happy March, friends! Bulbs are coming up, days are getting longer, and we've got a whole new month of celebrations, of course! From Women of Color Day, to National Napping Day, to Won't You Be My Neighbor Day, and National Respect Your Cat Day, there's a whole lot to celebrate. Read on to see what's getting our panties in a bunch this month!

March starts off awesome with Women of Color Day (March 1) and Hop on Pop for Dr. Seuss Day (March 2)! March 3 brings a few celebrations with National Mulled Wine DayNational Salesperson Day, and Unique Names Day. Bonus points if your're buying your mulled wine from someone named Thor. On March 4 the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra plays the Music of Prince, and it's also Grammar Day- be the grammar police! The week ends with tons of Oreos for National Oreo Day (March 6).

Birthdays this week: Aragorn (1), Dr. Seuss and John Irving (2), and George Michael Bluth (3).

March 8 is a great day! It's International Women's Day. Celebrate the women in your life, and the women you look up to. And don't forget, KU is a women owned business! March 9 is Popcorn Lovers Day and Get Over It Day. Get over your love of popcorn. But STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH IT! On March 10 tell us your middle name, pack your lunch, play your bagpipes, and generally be awesome because it's Middle Name Pride DayNational Pack Your Lunch Day, International Bagpipe Day, and Day Of Awesomeness. Oh, and don't forget Mario Day! It'sameeeeee! Plant an apple tree and wear dat fannypack on March 11 for International Fanny Pack Day and Johnny Appleseed Day. Turn your clocks forward and BASK in that extra daylight because daylight saving time begins on March 12. And on the 13, take a nap from your circadian rhythm being all disturbed and shit on National Napping Day. This week ends with National Potato Chip DaySteak and BJ Day, Celebrate Scientists Day, and Pi Day on March 14. You know what to do.

Birthdays this week: Remus Lupin (10), Neo and Douglas Adams (11), Homer Simpson (12), Albert Einstein (14)

BEWAAAAAAARE, THE IDES OF MARCH! March 15 is (obviously) the Ides Of March, as well as True Confessions Day, and Penis Day. What you do with all that is up to you. March 17 is St. Patrick's Day! Green beer, leprechauns, and green everywhere! Get weird on March 18 for Awkward Moments DayFirst Day of SpringWon't You Be My Neighbor DayWorld Storytelling Day, and Extraterrestrial Abductions Day are all on March 20. So much fun on one day! On March 21, it's National Crunchy Taco DayWorld Poetry DayWorld Puppetry Day, and International Day Of Forests. Sounds like our puppets need to read poetry about tacos and forests.

Birthdays this week: Kevin Smith (16), Lois Lowry and Mr. Rogers (20)

Get a puppy and a kitten, and some chip and dips on March 23 for National Chip and Dip DayNational Puppy Day, and Cuddly Kitten Day. So cute. On March 24-25 it's the Jane Austen Festival and the Pittsburgh Farm to Table Conference. Yas! Get your mits on some Tolkien on March 25 for Tolkien Reading Day, and follow that up with Free The Nipple Day and Make Up Your Own Holiday Day on March 26. Anything goes, yinz. March 28 is National Respect Your Cat Day and National Children's Picture Book Day. Though, we'd say this is everyday, really. Last but not least, March 30 is National Pencil Day! What's your fave kind of pencil?

Birthdays this week: Wonder Woman and James T. Kirk (22)

So, what do you think?