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March 2018 Events!

Spring is in the air, friends!  This winter may have been on the mild side, especially for Pittsburgh, but we wouldn't blame you at all for still being pretty pumped for warmer weather!  It's time to get outside!  For more Spring excitement and a list of all the wild and crazy events this March, click Read More!

Oh, White Russians.

March is Women's History Month!  We are all about women at KU (since we are woman-owned and largely women-run), so Women's History is right up our alley.  Let's jump right in with what's happening in the first week of the month!  March kicks off with Women of Color Day and Pig Day (3/1); Dr. Seuss Day and National Salesperson Day (3/2); National Mulled Wine Day (3/3); Grammar Day (3/4); National Absinthe Day (yes, please) (3/5); and Unique Names Day, National Oreo Day, and The Day of the Dude (3/6)!

It's ok, George Michael. Birthdays are hard for all of us.

March's first week also marks the birthdays of Aragorn (3/1); Dr. Seuss and John Irving (3/2); and George Michael Bluth (3/3)!

Then we have International Women's Day and Popcorn Lovers' Day (3/8); National Meatball Day, Get Over It Day, and Middle Name Pride Day (3/9); National Pack Your Lunch Day, The International Day of Awesomeness, International Bagpipe Day, Mario Day, and International Fanny Pack Day (whew!) (3/10); Johnny Appleseed Day and the beginning of Daylight Savings Time (3/11); National Napping Day (3/12); Smart & Sexy Day (3/13); and we'll round out March's (very) busy second week with National Potato Chip Day, Celebrate Scientists Day, and Pi Day (3/14)!

We miss you, Albert.

Birthdays in the second week of March include Remus Lupin (3/10); Neo and Douglas Adams (3/11); Homer Simpson (3/12); and Albert Einstein (3/14)!

The Ides of March and Penis Day start the third week of March (3/15)! Then there's Saint Patrick's Day, when everybody's Irish (3/17); Awkward Moments Day (3/18); The First Day of Spring, which is also Won't You Be My Neighbor? Day, World Storytelling Day, and Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (3/20); and finally National Crunchy Taco Day, World Poetry Day, World Puppetry Day, and the International Day of Forests (3/21)!

Look at that birthday face.

We continue on in the birthday department with Kevin Smith (3/16); and Mr. Rogers and Lois Lowry (3/20)!

And the last week of March will include National Chip & Dip Day, National Puppy Day, and Cuddly Kitten Day (3/23); Tolkien Reading Day (3/25); Free the Nipple Day and Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (3/26); National Respect Your Cat Day and National Children's Picture Book Day (3/28); and finally Passover will begin on National Pencil Day (3/30)!

We'll finish up our March birthday celebrations with Wonder Woman and James Tiberius Kirk, both born on 3/22!

This may look like a fight, but they're actually about to make out.

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