Oh man, hipsters would kill for those glasses, Doc.

Dr. Seuss's birthday (March 2nd) was also chosen as Read Across America Day by the National Education Association because of his lasting contributions to education in America.  The book that really started that ball rolling was The Cat in the Hat, first published in 1957 after an editor at Houghton Mifflin approached Seuss about producing a book for young children using no more than 250 individual words.  After being given a list of between 300 and 400 words "first graders should know," Seuss reportedly became so frustrated that he decided to make a story of the next two rhyming words he saw.  They were cat and hat and that's how legends are born.  (The book contains 236 words.)


Lookin' Sly and Feelin' Fly.


This card rules, you guys.

As for all days worthy of celebration, we have a great card for Dr. Seuss Day and we are generally excited for and in favor of reading across America and Dr. Seuss.  Like most people, we have a nostalgic love of those crazy rhyming stories and a love of reading that persists to this day.

Whether you have the innate entropy of the Cat or the ineffable crotchetiness of the Grinch or even the outspoken environmental leanings of the Lorax, let your Seuss flag fly on Dr. Seuss Day and read on, friends!

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