Marijuana. It's a thing that exists. Now that we have have that out of the way and you're aware of it's existence, you're free to celebrate National Marijuana Awareness Month this February!

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Some people attempt to use Marijuana Awareness Month to advocate the "dangers" and illegality of marijuana. Those people are squares, man. I advocate you be aware of how much better your food will taste after having advocated the smoking of marijuana. Better still, make marijuana food!


If the Superbowl this year between the Seattle Seahawks and The Denver Broncos has taught us anything, it's that it is totally okay to light up a spliff now and again. Here's a map to help me bring home my point.


The purple states are the ones in the Superbowl.


Chris' Marijuana Fun Facts (that he stole from Brendan):

1. Marijuana is the smokable psychoactive made up of the cured leaves of the sativa and indica varieties of the cannabis plant. There is argument about the specific affects of sativa versus indica, but just shut up and hit the bowl.

2. Marijuana has been reported to cause euphoria and relaxation in some, and dolla dolla bills in others.

3. The high from smoking weed is caused by the active chemical compound tetrahydrocannabinol. Resist the urge to prove to the cop that you’re sober by spelling it.

4. Cannabis is a hardy plant, able to grow in a wide range of climates, from Afghanistan to Colombia to hydroponic bays in my basement.

5. Cannabis is also useful in a medical capacity, as an excuse to get high.

6. There wouldn’t, like, be any wars if everybody just, you know, smoked a lil pot now and then.

7. Famous stoners include Barack Obama, Tommy Chong, Bill Clinton, George Clinton, Harrison Ford, and Brendan Sullivan.

8. Marijuana can be acquired from Ricky Fitz Monday through Friday during recess.

9. My friend told me this one time he got shit that was straight purple.

10. Getting high with your parents can lead to accidental bonding.

11. The number 420 is now forever giggle-worthy.

12. Marijuana made Avatar more than 2 and a half billion dollars.

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