12 Jun

Marty Mcfly

Today things are get­ting heavy as we cel­e­brate the birth­day of Hill Val­ley heart throb, Mar­ty McFly!


Isn’t he dreamy!?”

 Mar­ty McFly was born in 1968, and is the youngest of three chil­dren from George McFly and Lor­raine Baines-McFly. He has a broth­er Dave Mcfly and a sis­ter Lin­da McFly. His sec­ondary entourage con­sists of his girl­friend, Jen­nifer Park­er, and best friend, Emmett Brown, a sci­en­tist whom Mar­ty and Jen­nifer refer to as “Doc.”


You’re just too loud!”

Mar­ty plays gui­tar with his group The Pin­heads, and likes lis­ten­ing to Huey Lewis and the News, Tom Pet­ty and the Heart­break­ers, and Van Halen. He is also a tal­ent­ed skate­board­er and proven to be an excel­lent shot with a gun, honed by end­less­ly play­ing shoot­ing games such as Wild Gun­man at his local 7-Eleven.


We’re gonna see some seri­ous shit!”


 What most peo­ple are unaware of how­ev­er is that we came very close to hav­ing a very dif­fer­ent Mar­ty McFly. Eric Stoltz was orig­i­nal­ly cast as Mar­ty, but sad­ly it was not his den­si­ty, er, des­tiny, and after five weeks of shoot­ing sce­nes for the first film (over half the film), direc­tor Robert Zemeck­is and exec­u­tive pro­duc­er Steven Spiel­berg chose to re-cast the role to Michael J. Fox, and we got the lov­able, charm­ing Mar­ty McFly that we’ve all come to admire.


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