One of our favorite authors. Good ol' Professor Tolkien.

I'm sure you all remember how great Tolkien week was.  So great, you guys.

This week is much less important.  It's just a week.  However, today is Tolkien's birthday.  As it seems with all British writers of the former half of the 20th century, Tolkien led an incredibly fascinating life and I recommend that you look into it in a serious way.

Over his long life, Tolkien's works included famous novels in high fantasy and much less famous but widely regarded works of literary criticism and translations of several important literary works into English.  Tolkien's translation of the Middle English story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight which he worked on with E.V. Gordon was an academic standard for several decades.

Tolkien's life also included an epic romance.  (Again, surprisingly common in famous authors.)  Tolkien met his future wife, Edith, in 1908 at the age of 16.  At one point, he was forbidden from seeing her until he was 21 because she was Protestant (I love romances where they overcome religious differences!) but on his twenty-first birthday he wrote her a letter in which he proposed marriage.  They got married even though she'd already agreed to marry someone else.  I'm telling you.  Epic romance.  They were married more than fifty years until Edith died in 1971.

That's about enough of a history lesson, I think.  I'm just saying, Tolkien's birth and life are worth celebrating even now.  Also, I'm just really into Tolkien.  So maybe that's it.  Either way.

Drink a toast to J.R.R. today.

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  • I am drinking the toast, RIGHT NOW! So glad I now know about this!! Pointless rituals are my favorite. For reals.

  • ME TOO. We should actually toast him every time we take a drink around here. Or a lot of the time, anyway.

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