No lies, mothership freaks me out a little. The fact that some women have these little alien beings in their bodies for nine months is highly disconcerting to me. Which is why I, personally, will not be a mother except to the furry babies called cats and puppies.

BUT despite how I feel about the strangeness of giving birth, I have super respect for the mothers who have brought life into this world. Which is great, because it's mother's day and I'm going to write about how great mothers are.

I'm one of those lucky people who has the best mom in the world. She has taken every one of my crazy decicions and life announcements with much grace and love. Like, for instance, when I snuck into my first R rated movie, and she figured it out because there was no showing of the movie I told her I was going to see at 5:15, only a showing of Troy, and it had naked butts in it. She didn't even mention it until my overwhelming guilt made me confess to her. And then she was like, "yeah, I figured. It's okay. Don't do it again, okay?" What a woman.

Here at Kards, we're pretty awesome. But we're also super aware that a large part of what makes us the awesome people we are today is our dear mothers. Seriously, even if you're mom isn't as cool as mine is, she brought you into this amazing world, gave you a body to live in so that you could do things like eat ice cream and fly kites. What a cool thing. Yay moms!

Here are some of our moms. They are so freaking pretty and great and lovely and wonderful. Happy Mother's Day, moms!


Mommy Colaizzi

Mom JP

Chickpea and her Mom



Momma Flint



Mom Ranallo


So, what do you think?