No lies, moth­er­ship freaks me out a lit­tle. The fact that some wom­en have the­se lit­tle alien beings in their bod­ies for nine months is high­ly dis­con­cert­ing to me. Which is why I, per­son­al­ly, will not be a moth­er except to the fur­ry babies called cats and pup­pies.

BUT despite how I feel about the strange­ness of giv­ing birth, I have super respect for the moth­ers who have brought life into this world. Which is great, because it’s mother’s day and I’m going to write about how great moth­ers are.

I’m one of those lucky peo­ple who has the best mom in the world. She has tak­en every one of my crazy deci­cions and life announce­ments with much grace and love. Like, for instance, when I snuck into my first R rat­ed movie, and she fig­ured it out because there was no show­ing of the movie I told her I was going to see at 5:15, only a show­ing of Troy, and it had naked butts in it. She didn’t even men­tion it until my over­whelm­ing guilt made me con­fess to her. And then she was like, “yeah, I fig­ured. It’s okay. Don’t do it again, okay?” What a wom­an.

Here at Kards, we’re pret­ty awe­some. But we’re also super aware that a large part of what makes us the awe­some peo­ple we are today is our dear moth­ers. Seri­ous­ly, even if you’re mom isn’t as cool as mine is, she brought you into this amaz­ing world, gave you a body to live in so that you could do things like eat ice cream and fly kites. What a cool thing. Yay moms!

Here are some of our moms. They are so freak­ing pret­ty and great and love­ly and won­der­ful. Hap­py Mother’s Day, moms!


Mom­my Colaizzi

Mom JP

Chick­pea and her Mom



Mom­ma Flint



Mom Ranal­lo


So, what do you think?