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Fred Rogers was born March 20th, 1928 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Mr. Rogers, as he was known to his many  fans, created one of the most popular and beloved children's shows of all time,  Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  It ran  for almost 40 years, entertaining children with the simple messages of love, kindness and acceptance. Every episode, Mr. Rogers would talk to the audience about a topic relevant to a child's life, like going to school for the first time, then he might take viewers on a fun trip to see how things work  or to find out  how things are made. Check out one of my favorite clips where Mr. Rogers learns how upright basses are made!

The show also included memorable segments in the Neighborhood of Make- Believe, where he hung out with friends like Daniel Tiger, King Friday and X the Owl. These characters and many others were voiced by Mr. Rogers himself. Did you think Lady Elaine Fairchild was a bit (a lot) creepy when you were a child (now)? Me too! But that's ok because Mr. Rogers always helpfully reminded his viewers what things were real like the fact that you're great just the way you are,  and what things were fun, but just pretend for instance, purple robot pandas! Or like in this next clip, a pretend purple robot panda pretending to be a dinosaur!

Fred Rogers created so many wonderful moments that enchanted generations of children and parents. He saw television as a powerful medium that could be used to get through to kids and he most certainly succeeded.


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