Every year during Valentine's week, my darling husband and I gaze deep into each others eyes and whisper "honey, the dog show is on!" And by the dog show, of course we mean The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, being held this year Feb. 11&12. I find it very funny and charming that this is a big, romantic event in our year. Our dogs are the light of our life, however, so maybe it's not so surprising.


Can you really blame us?

Westminster is unique in televised dog shows, in that they feature every breed, not just a select few. (the ones that show two second clips of 5 dogs from each group BOIL MY BLOOD! GOOD THING I DONT HAVE ANY REAL PROBLEMS TO GET UPSET ABOUT!) You can view each breed in all of its beautiful glory. We cheer for the Great Danes and Vizslas.



But we take voyeuristic pleasure in all the breeds, especially the hound group, (Coonhounds! Plotts!) and the "new introductions", breeds that have just been recognized by the Kennel Club this year.

Another thing that we enjoy are the targeted, dog-centric advertisements. I'm crying over these two right now, and Speck, my Great Dane is licking my tears away.


In conclusion, dogs are the greatest. I didnt have a dog growing up, and I wonder how it would have changed my underwhelming  childhood if I had. As an adult, I have been privileged to share my life with both rescue dogs, and breeds, and they have given me nothing but the purest, most unconditional love. Watch the dog show. Get a dog, or two. Live happily ever after. The end.

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