Basket_Of_PuppiesGuys. National Dog week is happening. Specifically, it's happening September 20-26.

I love dogs. In my mind, all dogs are puppies. People get upset with me sometimes because I say something about puppies, and they're all like, OMG, newborn baby dogs?!? And I'm like..... No. Just regular dogs. but I call them puppies.

I think it's because people get really extra excited about the idea of hanging out with a goofy, wiggly, fur and kisses machine. But see, I get that excited about ALL dogs. They are all wiggly and wonderful and GAH! so much love.

0aedf75071a7461549442fb532fec1bfSo, I'm going to be working a bunch during National Dog Week, and my hope is to see as MANY puppies (dogs) as possible!

Shadyside is very puppy friendly. You can go into most of the store with your furry friend, ours included! And for National Dog Week, we will have treats for any puppy that stops in to say hello. (or woof.)

We will also be collecting pictures of puppies in our store! Do you have a puppy that loves Kards Unlimited? Send us a picture of your snugly pooch and we'll make them famous! (Well, as famous as they can get by having their picture shared on our social medias.)

Happy National Dog Week! We wish you lots of snuggles. <3

So, what do you think?