Basket_Of_PuppiesGuys. Nation­al Dog week is hap­pen­ing. Specif­i­cal­ly, it’s hap­pen­ing Sep­tem­ber 20–26.

I love dogs. In my mind, all dogs are pup­pies. Peo­ple get upset with me some­times because I say some­thing about pup­pies, and they’re all like, OMG, new­born baby dogs?!? And I’m like.…. No. Just reg­u­lar dogs. but I call them pup­pies.

I think it’s because peo­ple get real­ly extra excit­ed about the idea of hang­ing out with a goofy, wig­gly, fur and kiss­es machine. But see, I get that excit­ed about ALL dogs. They are all wig­gly and won­der­ful and GAH! so much love.

0aedf75071a7461549442fb532fec1bfSo, I’m going to be work­ing a bunch dur­ing Nation­al Dog Week, and my hope is to see as MANY pup­pies (dogs) as pos­si­ble!

Shadyside is very pup­py friend­ly. You can go into most of the store with your fur­ry friend, ours includ­ed! And for Nation­al Dog Week, we will have treats for any pup­py that stops in to say hel­lo. (or woof.)

We will also be col­lect­ing pic­tures of pup­pies in our store! Do you have a pup­py that loves Kards Unlim­it­ed? Send us a pic­ture of your snug­ly pooch and we’ll make them famous! (Well, as famous as they can get by hav­ing their pic­ture shared on our social medi­as.)

Hap­py Nation­al Dog Week! We wish you lots of snug­gles. <3

So, what do you think?