When I was in mid­dle school, my friends would ask me if I was prep­ping for surgery as I washed my hands since it took me so much longer than them.

Ha. Ha. Hii­i­ii-lar­i­ous.

My fam­i­ly fre­quent­ed Bob Evans back in the day quite a bit. Their gravy and bis­cuits was said to be awe­some. I hate break­fast, so I wouldn’t know. But that’s beside the point. In the bath­room at Bob Evans, they had a sign on the mir­ror.


Being an impres­sion­able 12 year old, I took this sign to HEART. I began to sing the song in my head while I washed my hands. Which is the cor­rect way to wash your hands. 20 sec­onds with soap and warm water. Then dry.

So my retort to the first ques­tion posed is, “No, are you a dis­gust­ing slob with grimey hands?”

Nation­al Hand­wash­ing Aware­ness Week is a great time to remind your­self that it is o-kay to take 20 sec­onds to wash your hands. It is also okay to sing Old Mac­don­ald out loud. Peo­ple will def­i­nite­ly leave you alone in pub­lic restrooms.

Unless they’ve been to Bob Evans. Then they’ll sing with you.

If you’re not sold on the whole hand wash­ing deal, I want you to know that I’m not a ger­mo­phobe. There’s some bac­te­ria that’s actu­al­ly ben­e­fi­cial and okay to be exposed to! Here are the ben­nies to wash­ing your hands on the reg (and well).

  • Less chance of get­ting sick in gen­er­al
  • Less chance of get­ting infec­tious diar­rhea (OH MAH GAH THIS SHOULD BE THE ONLY REASON YOU NEED)
  • Less chance of get­ting your fam­i­ly sick
  • Less chance of pick­ing up some­thing weird from pet­ting an ani­mal
  • Less chance of all of the bad things that are spread by germs on your hands

What are you wait­ing for? Go wash your hands, fool!

So, what do you think?