When I was in middle school, my friends would ask me if I was prepping for surgery as I washed my hands since it took me so much longer than them.

Ha. Ha. Hiiiii-larious.

My family frequented Bob Evans back in the day quite a bit. Their gravy and biscuits was said to be awesome. I hate breakfast, so I wouldn't know. But that's beside the point. In the bathroom at Bob Evans, they had a sign on the mirror.


Being an impressionable 12 year old, I took this sign to HEART. I began to sing the song in my head while I washed my hands. Which is the correct way to wash your hands. 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Then dry.

So my retort to the first question posed is, "No, are you a disgusting slob with grimey hands?"

National Handwashing Awareness Week is a great time to remind yourself that it is o-kay to take 20 seconds to wash your hands. It is also okay to sing Old Macdonald out loud. People will definitely leave you alone in public restrooms.

Unless they've been to Bob Evans. Then they'll sing with you.

If you're not sold on the whole hand washing deal, I want you to know that I'm not a germophobe. There's some bacteria that's actually beneficial and okay to be exposed to! Here are the bennies to washing your hands on the reg (and well).

  • Less chance of getting sick in general
  • Less chance of getting infectious diarrhea (OH MAH GAH THIS SHOULD BE THE ONLY REASON YOU NEED)
  • Less chance of getting your family sick
  • Less chance of picking up something weird from petting an animal
  • Less chance of all of the bad things that are spread by germs on your hands

What are you waiting for? Go wash your hands, fool!

So, what do you think?