Lace up your best boots and tie them tight, because today they’re going do a whole lot of work. It’s Nation­al Kick Butt Day!


We all know some­one who needs a swift kick to their rear end, how­ev­er it’s not social­ly accept­able to do so. Well today social accept­abil­i­ty is out the win­dow. Wind up your leg and let your boots fly. That lazy cowork­er? Kicked in the butt. Your bum broth­er-in-law liv­ing on your couch? Kicked in the butt. Your spoiled child who refus­es to take out the trash? Kicked in the butt. Plan on doing so much butt kick­ing that the Steel­ers may­be inter­est­ed in sign­ing you as a kick­er!


Okay, so may­be I’m tak­ing the kick butt thing a bit too lit­er­al. In light of that, one could also use Kick Butt Day to accom­plish a task, or rather, kick a task’s butt! Say, kick­ing those dirty dish­es in the butt, or kick­ing that nov­el you’ve been telling your friends your work­ing on right in the butt! The impor­tant thing is that butt’s are being kicked, whether they be metaphor­i­cal butts or real ones.


Now, get out there and kick some butt!

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