Lace up your best boots and tie them tight, because today they're going do a whole lot of work. It's National Kick Butt Day!


We all know someone who needs a swift kick to their rear end, however it's not socially acceptable to do so. Well today social acceptability is out the window. Wind up your leg and let your boots fly. That lazy coworker? Kicked in the butt. Your bum brother-in-law living on your couch? Kicked in the butt. Your spoiled child who refuses to take out the trash? Kicked in the butt. Plan on doing so much butt kicking that the Steelers maybe interested in signing you as a kicker!


Okay, so maybe I'm taking the kick butt thing a bit too literal. In light of that, one could also use Kick Butt Day to accomplish a task, or rather, kick a task's butt! Say, kicking those dirty dishes in the butt, or kicking that novel you've been telling your friends your working on right in the butt! The important thing is that butt's are being kicked, whether they be metaphorical butts or real ones.


Now, get out there and kick some butt!

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