I don't know if you know this, but we love libraries. I mean, we love books, so of course we love giant buildings that are dedicated to public access to said books.

Now if you're like me, you are in love with ALL librarians. My dream job, once upon a time, was to work in a library. And then I found a website called Librarian Problems, where they basically explain all the horrible gross things that they have to deal with. That was the end of that dream. I super prefer to work here at this little bookstore where I don't need to tell people how to use a computer every five minutes and deal with returned books that have unidentified sticky on them...

But seriously, whether or not you yourself are a Librarian, you should check out Librarian Problems. Here are some gems from the website:

A potty training book comes back with water damage.


Someone tries to enter the Rare Book room with a pen. withapen

A patron asks for help with the computer and then tells me I'm doing it wrong. NeverWrong

After handling a sticky book.stickybook

When someone makes a fellow Librarian cry.

When I see someone dog-earring a page.


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  • How do you know so much about my life?? It's spooky. In a good way ;)

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