Nobody gets me like you do sandwich

Nobody gets me like you do sand­wich

On this spe­cial day, we have out­sourced this blog to a pro sand­wich lover, the one and only Marne Orenich. The girl has sand­wich tat­toos on her body, what more sand­wich street cred do you need? Enjoy her rec­om­men­da­tions!
I would nev­er call myself a “food­ie” (wretch), and I admit that I’ve been slip­pin’ on check­ing out the ridicu­lous amount of awe­some restau­rants pop­ping up in the Burgh, but if there is one thing I know to be real and true, it’s that I am obsessed with sand­wich­es. If you want proof, you can talk to Bree, who drove 7 hours across the state with me to go to the Sand­wich Club sum­mit last year, or the tat­too artist who per­ma­nent­ly drilled a hoagie onto my ribs on the way back from said sum­mit (Bree got a grilled cheese on her leg). 
For Nation­al Sand­wich Day, my dear friend Aman­da asked me to write a lit­tle some­thing, so I thought I’d share a hand­ful of my favorite san­dos from our deli­cious city. 
Buf­falo Chick­en Hoagie- Spak Bros
Spak Bros knows how to do a hoagie. I delight in any­thing buf­falo-relat­ed, so I go with grilled chick­en (to be healthy, right?), and ditch the veg­gies (wait, that’s not that healthy), pro­volone cheese, and of course blue cheese on the side (yes, dou­ble cheese). Hon­or­able men­tion to the Sei­tan Melt (or “Smelt”) that every veg­an or veg­e­tar­i­an in PGH is obsessed with. 
Tuna Melt– Hanlon’s (Crafton)
Hanlon’s is a lit­tle trea­sure, and a favorite of every­one I work with in Crafton. Their Tuna Melt isn’t any­thing fan­cy, but it’s done per­fect­ly on toasty bread with cheese and toma­to. 
Banh Mi- bril­lobox
Every­one I know LOVES this sam­mie. I actu­al­ly prefer the tofu ver­sion, even though I eat meat, but pork and chick­en are also avail­able. I rec­om­mend get­ting the option­al jalapeños if you like it spicy. (Please note that I do know of Lucy and her mag­i­cal Bahn Mi’s in the Strip, but our beloved Rick Sebak has already high­light­ed her, so I thought I’d give bril­lo a deserved shout out.)
Baba Jaga- Apteka
Described as “Veg pate, Pol­ish pick­les, smoked onion remoulade, pick­led beet, mus­tard, house seed bread”, it didn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly appeal to me until I tried half of my friend’s. It imme­di­ate­ly blew me away and became a sand­wich I knew I’d come back for. 
Rose­mary Braised Beef- Gau­cho Par­il­la Argenti­na
This one is mem­o­rable on fla­vor and size. When I first got it, I knew there was no way I could fin­ish it in one go. Rose­mary is one of my favorite herbs, and this beef is per­fect. 
I want­ed to keep this list short n sweet, but if you’re hun­gry for more, I’d sug­gest watch­ing Rick Sebak’s Sand­wich­es That You Will Like, a must see for any san­do lover. In clos­ing, I ask you what Rick asks at the end of his tasty doc­u­men­tary: Which is more impor­tant in a sand­wich? The bread, or the fill­ing?  A true ques­tion for the ages…
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