You know what's annoying? Having to get dressed in the mornings. Picking out clothes can be so ugh.


 Don't feel like wearing this. I wore this two days ago, will anyone notice? Is that a stain? ...Great.


Well. Today you don't have to do that crap. It's National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day! Barring changing your underwear (always change your underwear) you can roll right out of bed and into work, no problem.


Or. OR. You can even change into other pajamas! The possibilities are endless! And hopefully your pajamas won't give HR too much of a headache. I mean, we're fine with you going to work in a teddy, but you know, some people have sticks up their butts.


Anywho, are you so excited? WE'RE SO EXCITED! We've opened up the day for our employees to wear their PJs to work so don't call us slobs today, call us relaxed and pajama-ed.


So, what do you think?