Yeah, you heard me.

In hon­or of Nation­al Women’s Day, I want­ed to share some super cool cards we just got in that fea­ture badass wom­en. (Well, at least I think they’re cool, I designed them.) It all start­ed with Eliz­a­beth War­ren and what has become a bat­tle cry tak­en up by wom­en all around the globe. The wom­en fea­tured on the­se cards are per­son­al role mod­els of mine, each are strong in their own way.

Princess (and Gen­er­al) Leia Organa. My first role mod­el. I so want­ed to be like her when I grew up, con­fi­dent and take-no-shit atti­tude.

Ellen Rip­ley. Sur­viv­ing xenomorphs   AND mansplain­ing.

Daen­erys Storm­born of House Tar­garyen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt Queen of the… you get the pic­ture.
Also, Moth­er of DRAGONS!

Lady FUCKING Mor­mont!
(I don’t know what her actu­al mid­dle name is, but if it isn’t this, it should be, cause that girl is a stone cold badass.)

Hermione Granger.
There is absolute­ly no way Har­ry Pot­ter would’ve sur­vived with­out her.

Maeve Mil­lay of West­world.
I wish I could be half as smart and cun­ning as this host.


Ladies, I salute you. You have, and always will, per­sist.

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