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It’s National Farmer’s Market Week, city slickers!  When I was a kid, my mom used to take us to the Farmer’s Market in the parking lot of the Pittsburgh Zoo and it was one of the best parts of the summer.  I didn’t really appreciate the local produce then, but man did I love the sno-cones.  There was this great vendor with one of those totally bitchin’ ice shaving machines and all these great flavored syrups like Piña Colada and mango and stuff.  It ruled.

There’s no FM in the zoo parking lot anymore, but there are plenty of them around Pittsburgh during the spring/summer/fall, and the FM is the very best place to get fruits, vegetables, and a bunch of other delicious foodstuffs.  My favorites to get recently are fresh baked breads, whole barbecued chickens, and there’s this berry farmer who makes these fantastic berry-flavored syrups that go great in lemonade and on ice cream and stuff.


Sno-cones, breads, and syrups, though, all pale in comparison to freshly picked corn on the cob.  There may indeed be no better summer food than fresh corn.  It’s great just shucked and boiled, it’s fantastic grilled, and it’s amazing cut off the cob and cooked with olive oil and fresh Poblano peppers.  (Also available at FMs!)

Pretty much what I’m saying here is that the Farmer’s Market is absolutely the place to go for fresh summer foods.  There’s at least one somewhere in Pittsburgh every day except Saturday for the rest of the summer and into the fall.  Find out exactly where/when here!  I’ll see you there!

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