Does anyone remember the days before area codes were absolutely mandatory for making a phone call? I remember the very day when I tried to call my mom at work after school with a 7 digit number and couldn't get through.

What kind of blasphemy was this? What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was an area code? You mean I have to remember MORE numbers just to reach someone?? Sheesh, being 7 is hard. Anywho. From that day on, phone numbers were 10 digits long. But the good news is that most people I knew had the same area code attached to their phone numbers.


Area codes actually originated in the 1940s, but were only necessary for long distance calls. They eventually became necessary for all calls to all people in all places in the US.

There's also the interesting social implication of area codes. Many people can instantly judge you solely by your area code. Unless you have an area code from another area. Then they just want to know where you're from 'cause you obviously ain't from 'round these parts.

No matter how you feel about area codes, today is a day to celebrate those three cute little numbers in front of your phone number!

Look at this craziness

Look at this craziness


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