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Hello and welcome, November! Fall is in full swing, the days are shorter, and we'll be dreaming of thanksgiving dinner for the next 26 nights.  PASS THE CRANBERRY SAUCE! Here are all of the exciting things we'll be celebrating this month from Sherlock Holmes Weekend, to Homemade Bread Day, Dr. Who Day, and everything in between.

Only the cutest cards for November! Did we mention sandwiches? Yeah.

Only the cutest cards for November! Did we mention sandwiches? Yeah.


Mustache Month/Movember! Growing a moustache is not only trendy and hipster-y in fashion. When you grow a mustache, real or imagined (or mo, as they say in Australia) in November and set up a fundraising page with the Movember Foundation you can fund raise for CAUSES like men's prostate and testicular cancer, mental health, and physical inactivity. Look stylin, raise money. Everyone wins!



November starts off with National Authors Day and Daylight Saving Time  (November 1, 2 AM). I don't know anyone who's jacked about losing an hour of daylight in the evenings, but rest assured, Daylight Saving Time means we are THAT MUCH CLOSER to CHRISTMAS! SANTA! I KNOW HIM! And National Author's Day is a great time to pay homage to your favorite author(s) and the books they've penned. Cliché Day and Sandwich Day follow on November 3, and if there's one thing I'm sure about in life, it's that we need cliches and sandwiches on this earth. Eat a sandwich like you've not a care in the world, and all's well that ends well.  Remember remember the 5th of November, and celebrate Guy Fawkes Day! Put on your best British accent, build a bonfire and light some fireworks! During Sherlock Holmes Weekend (November 6-8), you can go around saying, "No shit, Sherlock," to anyone who will listen. Deerstalker not required, but strongly recommended. Pursuit of Happiness Week and Dear Santa Letter Week (November 7-13) happen during the SAME week, so there's no time to waste. We've got happiness to pursue and LETTERS TO WRITE TO SANTA! See, I told you. SANTA.

Birthdays this week: Hello Kitty (November 1), and Margaret Mitchell (November 8).


On Area Code Day (November 10), take a few moments to remember how simple times were before we had to use area codes. THREE FEWER NUMBERS TO REMEMBER. Sesame St. Day falls on November 10 this year, and you should go around acting like your favorite character all day. Hard choices. On Veterans Day (November 11) we celebrate the service of all U.S. military veterans. God bless America! Sadie Hawkins Day (November 13) means defying gender stereotypes and asking out ANYONE YOU WANT TO. Do it you won't.

Birthdays this week: Bram Stoker (November 8), Neil Gaiman (November 10), Kurt Vonnegut and James Bond (November 11) and Margaret Atwood (November 13).

Neil Gaiman, the mean of our dreams.

Neil Gaiman, the man of our dreams.


I Love To Write Day (November 15) is a splendid day on which you can declare your love for writing. National Bundt Pan Day (November 15) is a great day for making BUNDT CAKE. Obvs. They make really awesome bundt cake pans these days, don't delay! On Homemade Bread Day (November 17) try to make your own bread. Or like, befriend someone with a bread machine and some yeast. Married to a Scorpio Support Day (November 18) is a good time to air your grievances about your significant Scorpio other. Sorry guys, no one got to you in time. Rocky and Bullwinkle Day (November 19) celebrates the first airing of the show way back in 1959. World Toilet Day (November 19) you should not only be thankful for having access to a toilet most places you go, especially at HOME, but think about all of those in the world who never get to use one. Heavy.


On Dr. Who Day (November 23) we won't judge you for spending the day searching for a TARDIS to get in. Really. Mother Goose Day (November 23) is a great time to talk in nursery rhymes all day. National Game and Puzzle Week (November 24-30) you should be playing Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Scrabble ALL DAY. Just don't flip the board when Monopoly turns ugly. We all know how that goes. Thanksgiving is November 26, and we're excited about it because family, food, and food. Pie! Advent goes from Nov 29-Dec 24. It's not too late to get a super cute advent calendar!

Birthdays this week: Frances Hodgson Burnett (November 24), Jon Stewart (November 28), Madeline L'engle and C.S. Lewis (November 29).

So, what do you think?