Hello friends!  November is, like, the second best month of the year.  Maybe third.  The weather is beautiful, there are a million awesomely autumnal things to do, and, in addition to Thanksgiving, there are some awesome things to celebrate!  So click READ MORE and get ready to get in the mood.  The mood, for food.

MMMMMMMMashed potatoes. Sweet potato casserole. Deep-fried turkey. Pie. PIE! PIE PIE PIE PIE!
Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself I guess. Yeah, sure, Thanksgiving is happening this month, but there's a whole delicious month-full of holidays to celebrate before we get to Thanksgiving. So hold onto your hats, here we go!

November, as many of you may know, is also Movember. So gents, get your 'staches a-growin'!
It's also National Railway Model Month for all you models who model on the railway. Wait. That's not right. National Model Railway Month. Right. for the tiny trains!
Last, but not least, it's Peanutbutter Lovers Month. Sounds sticky.


November starts out strong with All Saint's Day, National Authors Day, and Men Make Dinner Day (Nov 1).  Phew, that's a lot. Gents, just so you know, we have plenty of cookbooks here if you need some inspiration! In fact, we have this book called Pickled that would be perfect to help you prepare for..... Deviled Egg Day (Nov 2)! But make sure to pack those eggs up in a to-go container because, my peeps, The Nutcracker is hitting theaters on November 2nd and we are stoked about that.

November 3rd is Cliché Day and Sandwich Day, and then comes the worst day ever, Sunday, the 4th of November when we all lose an hour of our already-too-short lives. Daylight Savings is the worst.

If you're looking for a birthday to celebrate this week, Hello Kitty's birthday is on November 1st!

Week two!
Remember, remember it's Guy Fawkes Day(Nov 5)! Followed by Marooned without a compass day(Nov 6). Which, honestly, makes you think.... No one travels with compasses these days, do they? So like, if you're marooned, you don't have a compass. In this day and age. So. That's rough.

The Grinch heads to theaters on the 9th! (Anyone else feeling cautiously optimistic about that?) And then, Area Code Day and Sesame St. Day are on the 10th!

This week is also Dear Letter to Santa Week! So make sure everyone you love gets their letters into Santa so that mom and dad can figure out what the heck to buy. ahem. I mean. So that Santa remembers to put it on his sleigh.......................

Birthdays this week include Margaret Mitchell and Bram Stoker(Nov 8), Neil Gaiman(Nov 1o) and Kurt Vonnegut and James Bond(Nov 11).

Happy Birthday, Neil Gaiman! You are the man of our dreams.

Week three!
Start the week by thanking those who've served our country. Veterans Day is being observed on the 12th. Those thank yous are just a warm up though, because the 13th is World Kindness Day. I love to Write Day and National Bundt Pan Day are on the 15th.

On the 16th, Fantastic Beasts 2 hits the theaters! We are going to BE THERE. We are READY. Need some new HP merch to take with you while you stand in line at the theater? Yeah, we got that. Pins, puzzles, wands, everything you could ever want.  To be clear, we sell ALL KINDS of Harry Potter stuff, mostly because we want to buy all kinds of Harry Potter stuff and we like to look at it all and be sad that we don't own it. What even is our life. The 16th is also Have a Party with your Bear Day, so maybe let teddy tag along to the movie theater? That's really only fair.

Up next is Homemade Bread Day(Nov 17). Please feel free to share. We love bread. And then comes Married to a Scorpio Support Day(Nov 18). Is that a thing for all the signs? Like is there a Libra spouse support club? Asking for my gf, she might need that.

Margaret Atwood's birthday is on the 13th and I suggest you celebrate by watching all of Handmaid's Tale and then burning the government to the ground.

The 19th to the 25th is Games and Puzzles Week! You know why? Because you're going to eat SO MUCH FOOD at some point this week that you will be unable to do anything but sit on your butt and play some board games with Grandma. So get ready.

We all know that Thanksgiving is the 22nd and Black Friday is the 23rd, so let's just skip over that and talk about all of the other weird holidays this week: Rocky and Bullwinkle Day and World Toilet Day are on the 19th.... Do people, like, do research before they choose dates for these holidays? Like why would you want to share a day with World Toilet Day. Why is there even a World Toilet Day? In other news, the 20th is Absurdity Day! It the perfect day to plan for the 22nd, which is Start Your Own Country Day. The 23rd is Doctor Who Day and also You're Welcomegiving Day!

But Really. Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING! We recommend you spend the day binging on pie and Bob's Burgers while chillin with your chosen fam.

Frances Hodgson Burnett has a birthday on the 24th.

The last few days of the month include National Red Planet Day and French Toast Day(Nov 28), Jon Stewart's birthday(also Nov 28) and Madeline L'engle and C.S. Lewis' birthday(Nov 29).

That's it! November is over! It's TIME FOR CHRISTMAS NOW!

So, what do you think?