The perfect thing to shove in your facehole for breakfast in the dead of winter is oatmeal. Not only is it hot and delicious (if you can get past the texture), but it has soluble fiber which can help lower cholesterol. ON TOP OF THAT, it's a bowl full of complex carbs, meaning it sticks with you longer than say, a doughnut.


If you're not interested in the health benefits of oatmeal (we can't be friends) but let's discuss the many amazing flavors of oatmeal.


You've got your maple brown sugar, apple cinnamon, cinnamon and spice, original, blueberry, you can throw in some bananas, some chocolate, pumpkin, peaches and cream... Oatmeal has variety out the wazoo.


While  cereal is and will forever be my favorite breakfast option, oatmeal may come in at a close second. It tastes good, it's good for you and it warms you up! There's nothing like a good hearty breakfast to set the tone for your day. Because let's face it, breakfast can make or break your day.


So, what do you think?