It's the mooooooooooost spoopiest tiiiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeeear!  Hey everybody!  It's October again, which means we are finally officially in the Fall (thank goodness!) and we are getting into all of KU's favorite parts of the year!  If you, for whatever reason, are not prepared for the attending pumpkins, apples, turkeys, candies, and whatnots, I advise you strongly to get in the mood and quick!  And click READ MORE to find out what kinds of awesome celebrations might get you in the spirit!

Look at this frickin' face.

Let's start off, as usual, with our month-long observations!  October is National Chili Month, National Apple Month, National Cookbook Month, National Field Trip Month, National Popcorn Popping Month, Pizza Month (um...all months are pizza months, hello!), Adopt a Shelter Dog Month (awwwwwwwww), Sarcastic Month (again, this is all months), National Baking Month, and Raptor Month (that is, birds of prey, not Velociraptors)!


As far as dailies go, October will kick off with National Homemade Cookies Day (10/1); Name Your Car Day and Phileas Fogg's Wager Day (10/2); Ten-Four Day and Vodka Day (10/4); National Kale Day (no.  just no.) (10/5); and finally Mad Hatter Day and International Frugal Fun Day (10/6)!

Happy birthday, you sweet, gorgeous genius.

October starts off its birthday celebrations in the best of ways, with Snoopy (10/2)!  Then there's Anne Rice (10/4); and Mario Lemieux and Neil deGrasse Tyson (10/5)!

Blue-ringed Octopuses are like, the coolest animal.

Next up in October we'll have National Pierogi Day, Columbus Day, and International Octopus Day (10/8); Nautilus Night (10/9); National Angel Food Cake Day (10/10); National Coming Out Day and It's My Party Day (10/11); International Skeptics Day (10/13); and Be Bald and Free Day (10/14)!

That facial hair is pure majesty and you will never convince me otherwise.

October birthdays continue with Count von Count (10/9); HJ Heinz (10/11); and dear old William Penn (10/14)!

It's ok, Oscar. You get a day.

Then we'll celebrate National Grouch Day (10/15) and Boss's Day (10/16)!  We at KU have the best boss in the universe, so it's a pretty big deal here.

Man, what I wouldn't give to have been affectionately flipped off by Carrie Fisher

What the third week of October lacks in holidays, it makes up in birthdays, because we've got Friedrich Nietzsche and P.G. Wodehouse (10/15); Oscar Wilde (10/16); Bela Lugosi (10/20); and Carrie Fisher and Ursula K Le Guin (10/21)!

Man, how annoying is it when people use Frankenstein as a common noun? SO ANNOYING, RIGHT? Oh, that's just me? Ok then.

Moving on, it's CAPS LOCK DAY (10/22); National Bologna Day (10/24); and National Frankenstein Friday (10/26)!

Hey birthday boy!

Also, Pat Conroy (10/26); John Cleese and Sylvia Plath (10/27); and ALF and Evelyn Waugh (10/28) are jumping on the birthday train!

Yisssssssssss magic

October will close out its holidays with Create a Great Funeral Day, Candy Corn Day, and Devil's Night (10/30) and National Knock Knock Jokes Day, National Magic Day, and the granddaddy of 'em all, Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen (10/31)! (Also, 10/30 is Peter Jackson's birthday.  But we're mad at him since that Hobbit Movie Trilogy/Travesty/Tragedy.  Or, at least, I am.)

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