Did you know that Octo­ber is Nation­al Field Trip Mon­th?!? Of course it is! Crisp Octo­ber weath­er is per­fect for a trip to the zoo, local farm, Sci­ence Cen­ter, or field trip loca­tion of your choos­ing.


How excit­ing were field trips in ele­men­tary school? There was no joy greater than pil­ing in to the school bus with your pals, ready to start a new adven­ture, spend some time out of class and maaaay­be learn some­thing.   Even if your teach­ers nev­er expert­ly coor­di­nat­ed their out­fits to that days lesson plan and even if they couldn’t defy the laws of nature/gravity/space-time con­tin­u­um just to prove a point, field trips were and are super rad and should be cel­e­brat­ed.


My favorite field trips as a kid were trips to the Carnegie Sci­ence Cen­ter, obvi­ous­ly! The exhibits were always fun, engag­ing and stealth­ily sci­ence-y, their mod­el train game is con­sis­tent­ly out­stand­ing, and if you were super lucky you got to see a sweet Omn­i­max movie!  I also have fond mem­o­ries of trips to the zoo (where I got to pet a kan­ga­roo !), trips to Trax Farms (CORN MAZE, APPLE CIDER!!), and an excel­lent trip to a … mill or  a mine or some­thing.… I don.t remem­ber but they had THE BEST GIFT SHOP EVER ! (goo­gly eyes on EVERYTHING!)


Shout out to field trips, fun teach­ers, mid day snacks, cool moms (and dads), and the patient, patient bus dri­vers that allow kids to take a well deserved break from school life to active­ly learn and make life long mem­o­ries!


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