Did you know that October is National Field Trip Month?!? Of course it is! Crisp October weather is perfect for a trip to the zoo, local farm, Science Center, or field trip location of your choosing.


How exciting were field trips in elementary school? There was no joy greater than piling in to the school bus with your pals, ready to start a new adventure, spend some time out of class and maaaaybe learn something.   Even if your teachers never expertly coordinated their outfits to that days lesson plan and even if they couldn't defy the laws of nature/gravity/space-time continuum just to prove a point, field trips were and are super rad and should be celebrated.


My favorite field trips as a kid were trips to the Carnegie Science Center, obviously! The exhibits were always fun, engaging and stealthily science-y, their model train game is consistently outstanding, and if you were super lucky you got to see a sweet Omnimax movie!  I also have fond memories of trips to the zoo (where I got to pet a kangaroo !), trips to Trax Farms (CORN MAZE, APPLE CIDER!!), and an excellent trip to a ... mill or  a mine or something.... I don.t remember but they had THE BEST GIFT SHOP EVER ! (googly eyes on EVERYTHING!)


Shout out to field trips, fun teachers, mid day snacks, cool moms (and dads), and the patient, patient bus drivers that allow kids to take a well deserved break from school life to actively learn and make life long memories!


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