Ice cream with and for breakfast.

Yes, February 1st is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, otherwise known as the best day of the year and/or any damn day I please, because I'm an adult.

Ice cream is hands-down the greatest invention of humankind.  Take that, microprocessors!   And you, modern medicine!  Yeah, I said it.  And obviously, breakfast is the best meal of the day.  Combining the two was only a matter of time, really.

Obviously, there are many great ice creams to choose from.  Classic brands like Edy's, Ben & Jerry's, and even a bunch of new crazy artisan organic stuff because America.  One thing that not a lot of people get, though, is homemade ice cream.  And let me tell you, it is so worth the (ridiculously minimal) effort.  (I mean, ridiculously minimal provided you have access to an ice cream machine.  If not, you have to do the whole elementary school thing with the plastic bags and the salt water which is more effort-y but a lot more fun, so that's an ok trade-off.  Anyway)



Homemade ice cream is great for a bunch of reasons.  First of all, if you make ice cream at home you can put real ingredients in it and not, like, guar gum or xanthan gum or whatever the heck they use to thicken it nowadays.  Secondly, you can make awesome flavors like caramel apple or coffee fudge swirl.

If making ice cream sounds like the hobby for you, make sure you come grab a copy of The Ice Creamists by Matt O'Connor.  It's a totally sweet book (no pun intended) and it includes some seriously bitchin' ice cream recipes.


Plus it looks badass. Exhibit A

So, in summary, eat ice cream for breakfast tomorrow, because ice cream rules.  And so do you!

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