Tomorrow is Open That Bottle Night!

Everyone who drinks loves to smile!

Why have I not heard of this holiday in it's twelfth year, you might be asking yourself. Don't I celebrate this holiday every weeekend? Some week day evenings? Who started it and why is it here? Why do you have so many questions?

OTBN dinner parties are a smash!

Way back some people started this holiday probably because they owned a vineyard or a company that sold wine or something and then maybe it was a slow year so they gave us this holiday the same way the Pilgrims gave us Thanksgiving. A holiday to indulge. For those of us who need a "special occasion" to let loose. Here is your special occasion! It's OTBN!

They have a website where you can read about people reconnecting with old friends, trying fancy wines, having fancy parties, wearing blazers, busting out ye olde table clothe. You can do WHATEVER you want. As long as you're opening a bottle. You can even decide what it's a bottle of. It's like a choose your own adventure dinner party.

Since we love opening bottles here in the good old KU.S.A we like to be prepared for these occasions and if we're prepared it means you are too! Isn't that ideal?

Come look at our bar sections!

Want to have some special cocktails for OTBN? Want to know the best wines of this year? Want to brew your own beer? Know what to pair with what? Stop that fretting and bed wetting because we actually have anything you could ever need for this night.

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Going to have your own OTBN party now?
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