Well March 30th finally returns to us. It seems like it's been a year. But really it's only been 12 months. With the 30th, though, finally comes Pencil Day! Arguably the most important holiday of the year. You can't convince me otherwise.

Well worn. Well loved.

Well worn. Well loved.

This is the day in 1858 that the patent was filed for the modern pencil (the one with an eraser attached to it.) Can you imagine where we would be today without that monumental invention? We'd definitely be wasting a lot of time setting our pencil down to pick up an eraser. Like idiots. But lucky for us it's attached. No worries. Where would Standardized testing and Scantrons be? S.O.L. that's for sure. Without the No. 2 pencil somebody would have to check those answers manually. Unacceptable. Most importantly it would slow down my drawing process! That is not cool. So in honor of pencil day here's a little mini-art-dump of strange drawings from my work sketchbook. Enjoys.

IMG_2013.JPG-2IMG_2012.JPG IMG_2014.JPG IMG_2009.JPG IMG_2007.JPG IMG_2006.JPG

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