September. The air cools down, Autumn creeps its way in, the kids are back at school. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to participate in Pleasure Your Mate Month! You have exactly 30 days in which you can bestow on your spouse all kinds of delightful things…whether they be romantic, practical or sexual.

Preferably the latter. 

Whether your mate is your wife/husband/life partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, mistress/master or Lucy, your lovable plastic partner, there's always something you can do to brighten or arouse their day throughout September (a new valve for Lucy is a perfect example!). " But Chris, how can I pleasure my mate for the entire month?" is something you might ask me if you thought I knew anything about the subject. "Well," I would say if I were a sexologist, "here are some examples".


Kissing is always good. Or you could could watch other people kiss in Star Wars. Your call.

Give your wife/husband a foot massage..... and she/he just might reciprocate with something even better. (a blowjob)

Cook your spouse’s favorite meal and eat it by candlelight. Or in front on the TV watching Star Wars.


Hint with your cooking what you really want...

Try that one thing in the bedroom that your mate has always wanted you to try... you know, that really dirty thing with the chains.

Spend an entire afternoon in bed..... maybe watching Star Wars.

Put on some romantic music and ask her to dance. (CAUTION: prolonged exposure to Sisqo's The Thong Song may cause extreme sexual arousal)


And or sexual cannibalism.

If you're looking for something to help kick start the month, perhaps try some steamy foreplay with something like...


Get some Kama Sutra products from KU to aid you in mate-pleasuring! Staff approved!

It's Sam and Frodo approved.


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