What if man had the ability to travel through time? Would you change world events? See the future of the human race? Become a great , and powerful entrepreneur? Or just really screw with people's heads? We're all for the latter, which is why we're celebrating Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day!


This is heavy!

I know what you're thinking, how do you get people to believe you've travelled from a distant future through space and time to bring tidings of destruction or joy? It's easy, as long as you target a complete stranger, or maybe an uncle who's not too bright and liqoured up a bit, probably your uncle Bill.

Step 1. Dress eccentrically.


Or, for the bold, dress in nothing at all...


..or the  "well endowed".

Step 2. Know your made up future.

Is it Orwellian? Run by Morlocks? Self aware machines have taken over and force humans to act as batteries?  Has the rapture been set upon us? The more details you add the better.

Step 3. Have an impressive looking device available if possible.


Shock and Awe.

Step 4. Do LOTS of running and screaming.


Example. Run down a crowded street in your eccentric clothing, with your impressive device asking casual pedestrians what year/month it is, who's president, has the devastating ice storm/overthrow of third world countries by gorillas happened yet, etc. Revel in the success of your time travelling, then warn said pedestrian of the impending doom of your made up future. Then briskly run off insisting they prepare themselves and that you must reach [insert name here] at the oval office.


Find someone who either looks thirty years your senior or younger, and well, there's a lot of fun to be had there.


Step 6. Have Fun!

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