Ke$ha and I have a ton of things in common. Among these many things is our mutual love of dinosaurs. I’ve often said that baby dinosaurs are my spirit animal. There’s an audio recording of my mom asking me questions when I was three years old where she asks me if I know where I live, to which I answer, naturally, “Yeah! Juwassic Pawk.” I actually lived in Point Breeze at the time, but hey, same thing, right?

If I were a pterodactyl, this is what I would look like.

If I were a pterodactyl, this is what I would look like.

One of my biggest regrets in life is not being enrolled in my elementary school until first grade, meaning that I missed kindergarten there, thus missing my opportunity to take part in the kindergarten dinosaur play. However, I did get to see the kindergarten dinosaur play every year after that, so I did pick up on the totally awesome songs about dinosaurs, and I’m proud to say I still remember a few of them. My favorite one goes a little something like this:

Terry Pterodactyl, Bertha Brontosaurus,

Trinie the Triceratops, Stanley Stegosaurus,

Tom Tyrannosaurus, He is carnivorous,

Join in with me now and sing another chorus!

You might be wondering why this random girl you’ve never seen on the KU Blog is talking about dinosaur plays put on by kindergarteners. Well, I’ll tell ya: October is National Raptor Month! And now you might be thinking, “only one of the dinosaurs in that song is a raptor…” and you’re right. Raptors are, by definition, birds of prey (and actually not technically dinosaurs at all, but shhh, don't tell anyone). Anyways, to be frank, I couldn't really care less about any other birds of prey aside from Pterodactyls. For one, birds of prey that actually still exist are creepy and weird (vultures? Yuck. No thanks.) But most importantly, my name is Terry and I freaking love dinosaurs. So, the fact that there is a song about dinosaurs that involves a Pterodactyl with whom I share a name (AND A FLYING kindof DINOSAUR NONETHELESS) is just about the coolest thing that ever happened to me.  (Note: Pterosaurs were winged or flying lizards, and dinosaurs, by definition, walked on land and could not fly, but we're just going to pretend for now, ok? ok great.)


See? Terrifying.

So, according to the powers that be who decided that October is Raptor Month, we should take some time out of our busy, Halloween-preparing, all-things-pumpkin-flavored-eating schedules this month to celebrate the migration of non-extinct birds of prey. Hawks, Osprey, Falcons are all raptors -- you know, all those big scary birds with talons that swoop down from the sky and snatch small furry animals to eat. That’s all fine and well, but now I hope that you’ll also take some time to have a moment of silence for my long lost spirit sister, Terry Pterodactyl.

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