Thank you Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence for the inalien­able right to the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness. It’s a total­ly vague right, but I like it! They appar­ent­ly meant “that feel­ing of self-worth and dig­ni­ty you acquire by con­tribut­ing to your com­mu­ni­ty and to its civic life”, but I like to focus on the raw feel­ing of hap­pi­ness, so I’m going to stick with the mod­ern day inter­pre­ta­tion for the­se pur­pos­es.

I think it’s prob­a­bly the most for­get­table right we have, the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness. I mean, we’re all busy just try­ing to get by most of the time. Got­ta go to work, run errands, attempt to keep your house tidy, laun­dry can’t real­ly get piled up (bathing suits make ter­ri­ble under­wear), does the car need an oil change? etc. etc. So hap­pi­ness? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


I think we can all make small adjust­ments in order to keep our hap­pi­ness in check. After all. If you’re not hap­py, what again is the point of every­thing you do? Not every­thing needs to make you hap­py, but you don’t need to feel like you haven’t real­ly done any­thing for your­self in a while, either.

SO! We don’t want to dis­ap­point poor Thomas Jef­fer­son. I urge you to start think­ing about ways you can make your­self hap­py. And I don’t mean final­ly pur­chas­ing a sports car or final­ly get­ting that in-ground pool. I mean small ways you can thought­ful­ly up your hap­pi­ness. If you’re doing things pure­ly for the sake of oth­ers, or your job is real­ly not where you want to be, or you’ve been mean­ing to take up knit­ting, or you’ve always want­ed to train for a marathon but have nev­er found the time, or you’ve been won­der­ing about vol­un­teer­ing late­ly, the time is now! Your state of mind, and hap­pi­ness, are things you need to keep an eye on. No one else can real­ly gauge your hap­pi­ness but you, and no one else can real­ly make you hap­py in the long run. That’s up to you! So don’t short­change your­self and get to think­in’ about how you can work to make sure you keep your hap­pi­ness a pri­or­i­ty.

So, what do you think?