headshot"I found that I simply couldn't take fantasy seriously, so it became humourous, and continued from there."

If you're a fan of funny, punny fantasy stories, you probably are very familiar with Piers2236-75561 Anthony. His Xanth book series is well known to be painfully packed with puns. They're hilarious and wonderful and light and fun, but if you're someone who takes personal offense at someone rearranging the English language, this series is probably not for you.

There was a point in my life that I would proudly be able to say that I had read all of the Xanth books. that was back when there were only 28 or so. There are now a whopping 39 books in the series. With like 5 more in the works already. Partly, this is because fans of puns send them all to Mr. Anthony, hoping their own unique word play will end up in his next books. So I'm sure he has a million books' worth of material by now.

xanthIf you are a fan of light reads that will pull you in but also allow you to pick up and put down whenever you want, Piers Anthony books are so totally for you. If you're not into the pun thing, don't worry, he has a million other non-Xanth stories.

My particular favorite is the Incarnations of Immortality series. Each book in the set is about one of the immortals; Death, Time, the Fates, the devil, etc. They're very fun and fast. Perfect for airplanes or bus rides.book

The point is, this guy is someone who you should know about. And now you know a bit. the next step is to pick up one of his million books and give him a try!

Have fun!

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