headshotI found that I sim­ply couldn’t take fan­ta­sy seri­ous­ly, so it became humourous, and con­tin­ued from there.”

If you’re a fan of fun­ny, pun­ny fan­ta­sy sto­ries, you prob­a­bly are very famil­iar with Piers2236-75561 Antho­ny. His Xan­th book series is well known to be painful­ly packed with puns. They’re hilar­i­ous and won­der­ful and light and fun, but if you’re some­one who takes per­son­al offense at some­one rear­rang­ing the Eng­lish lan­guage, this series is prob­a­bly not for you.

There was a point in my life that I would proud­ly be able to say that I had read all of the Xan­th books. that was back when there were only 28 or so. There are now a whop­ping 39 books in the series. With like 5 more in the works already. Part­ly, this is because fans of puns send them all to Mr. Antho­ny, hop­ing their own unique word play will end up in his next books. So I’m sure he has a mil­lion books’ worth of mate­ri­al by now.

xanthIf you are a fan of light reads that will pull you in but also allow you to pick up and put down when­ev­er you want, Piers Antho­ny books are so total­ly for you. If you’re not into the pun thing, don’t wor­ry, he has a mil­lion oth­er non-Xan­th sto­ries.

My par­tic­u­lar favorite is the Incar­na­tions of Immor­tal­i­ty series. Each book in the set is about one of the immor­tals; Death, Time, the Fates, the dev­il, etc. They’re very fun and fast. Per­fect for air­planes or bus rides.book

The point is, this guy is some­one who you should know about. And now you know a bit. the next step is to pick up one of his mil­lion books and give him a try!

Have fun!

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