that's the stuff

Ya that's the stuff

You can worry about the zombie apocalypse all you want.  It's not going to happen though. But now that robopocalypse. That's very possible. And that should scare the shit out of you! Robotics week is April 5 - 13th in 2014, and while I may be entirely convinced that the robot uprising will be very real, swift and calculated, I still LOVE robots. So instead let's talk about the fun kind of robots. And by that I mean the ever amazing robotery of Gundam. If you want to talk about Gundam, I'll talk to you about Gundam. For a period of time that will make you uncomfortable and make my mouth dry.


Urggghhh robots in space.

These are the kind of robots with no AI, so there's no worry of overthrow. You have to pilot them. The fear then becomes global war with the advent of the greatest and most powerful piece of military destructive force ever developed. Different fears, but I'll take this over robopocalypse any day. In fact I'm hoping for it. I have dreams of piloting giant robots. The day the military comes out and says they have a new robot you can pilot is the day I enlist. TEN-HUT!

one of the best animated robo fights ever.

one of the best animated robo fights ever.

if you don't get how great this is we're done.

if you don't get how great this is we're done.

While a few of the Gundam series are made for kids, most are for adults. Full of political intrigue and the horrors of war. What I love most about it (aside from intense robo-action) is that it is sci-fi in a far-off future full of real human conflict. It's people fighting against people. Not aliens or monsters. And don't get me wrong those are great too, but I'm far more interested in seeing the humanity of both sides of the conflict. And of course this is perfect for tropes like "Oh no I fell in love with you but we're on different sidessssszzzzzz!" They can play that one out a million times and I'll keep watching it.

A war between Earth and Space can't keep us apart.

A war between Earth and Space can't keep us apart!

Now back to the robotics of Gundam. The original designs were innovative and ahead of their time. As the universe expanded, though, the designs became more and more complex, incredibly detailed and thought-out. It got to the point where real-world mechanics were being applied in addition to sci-fi mechanics. Then at some point they figured out how much it would cost to actually make one in Japan.

worth every penny.

worth every penny.

And that is just materials. Clearly not gonna happen. Totally impractical given the physical restrictions of something that big existing. So for now my dreams of being  a Gundam pilot will have to remain dreams. I'll just settle for going to see the life-size version that doesn't work. I'm still fine with that.

i secretly think it works.

(i secretly think it works.)

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