14 Apr

Robotics Week!!!!!!

I lurves dem robuts. And I'm super glad robotics has an entire week to be awesome and recognized. This year it was from Apr. 6th to the 14th. Robotics week has it's own site with information of events across the country, how to get involved, and links for resources. Pretty sweet.

So I won't pretend to know a lot about robotics, I mostly know that I love them. But I'll drop some info on ya as well as some videos and junk. Hopefully it instills some fear of the inevitable robot uprising.

This is PETMAN. He's pretty scary.

He was created to evidently test range of motion and other factors on chemical protection suits. Right. But not only can he walk (with cables just in case(cause he's mad expensive)) but he can maintain his balance if pushed, and even simulates sweating and temperature like a real human. GettinReal.

How about the Shadow Dextrous Hand? Developed to have the range of movement and dexterity of a human hand. Does a pretty good job. It has touch sensors in the finger tips and comes in an electrical actuator or pneumatic muscle version. When this thing gets stronger than a regular human arm sign me up. I'll saw my own arm off for it (I won't even get into cybernetics and how bad I want it to happen in my lifetime.)

Shadow C6M Smart Motor Hand_holding Light Bulb in front of the Shadow C3 Dextrous Air Muscle hand

And here is some nuts snake robot!

Combining two things to ensure that you will not survive the uprising. Don't bother hiding in a tree. It can climb. It can't get you in the water right? Nope. It can swim. FthatS.

Wanna talk about nano robotics? A little subset but super duper awesome. Nanotech is it's own armageddon entirely. The fear of self-replicating nanobots is a very serious concern for the future. If they were to run out of control and essentially destroy everything and envelope the entire planet. Also known as the Grey Goo scenario.

And lastly if you haven't heard of this, it's the uncanny valley.


Basically it is a curve of our human comfortability with animate and inanimate non-living things. Really interesting.

I'd intended to be brief. I failed. So that's it. And I'll leave you with this to solidify my nerd-dom absolute. It's a Gundam!


life size gundam in tokyo. tell me it doesn't work.


dear japan. build me a giant robot. loveyoubye.


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