September Events

Ah, Sep­tem­ber, it leads a dou­ble life. Some peo­ple are CLINGING TO SUMMER FOR DEAR LIFE, while oth­ers are count­ing down the days until pump­kin spice lat­tes are avail­able and they can begin carv­ing pump­kins. No mat­ter which way you swing, Sep­tem­ber prob­a­bly has a hol­i­day you’ll like whether it’s bour­bon (Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­th), Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien (Tolkien Week Sep­tem­ber 20–26), or  cof­fee (Nation­al Cof­fee Day Sep­tem­ber 29). Read on to see all of the good stuff we’re crazy about this mon­th! Do it you won’t.



Mon­th-long hol­i­days are the best because you get a whole mon­th to savor them. Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­th means drink­ing all the bour­bon! Children’s Good Man­ners Mon­th is a great time to edu­cate the chil­dren in your life how to behave. If you don’t have a library card, you’re in luck because Sep­tem­ber is Library Card Sign-up Mon­th. See also: 
The only thing bet­ter than hon­ey is Nation­al Hon­ey Mon­th! Hon­ey forever. Shame­less Pro­mo­tion Mon­th allows us to say HEY ARE YOU FOLLOWING US ON FACEBOOK AND ISNTAGRAM AND TWITTER? WE LOVE YOU. Last but cer­tian­ly least, Sep­tem­ber is Plea­sure Your Mate Mon­th. But­ter them up with a cute card, get some mas­sage oil, light some can­dles, and hope­ful­ly that works out for you. Wink.


INTERNATIONAL ENTHUSIASM WEEK is Sep­tem­ber 1 through the 7. What do you get enthu­si­as­tic about? May we sug­gest every­thing this week? GET FIRED UP. Salami Day (Sep­tem­ber 7) is a good time to get re-acquaint­ed with some salami.

Birth­days this week: Jack Daniels and Wern­er Her­zog both on Sep­tem­ber 5. Here are Wern­er Herzog’s hilar­i­ous thoughts on chick­ens.


On Sep­tem­ber 8, 1966 Star Trek Orig­i­nal Series pre­miered. So today we are get­ting all ‘live long and pro­poser’. Roald Dahl Day is on Sep­tem­ber 13 and we’re prob­a­bly going to be eat­ing choco­late, peach­es, tak­ing RED WAGONS of books from the library, and so on and so forth. We love Roald Dahl! (You can get the print of the quote below here.)

Birth­days this week: Leo Tol­stoy (Sep­tem­ber 9) and Bel­la Swan (Sep­tem­ber 13).


Do you know any greet­ing card writ­ers? If so, you’re in luck on Sep­tem­ber 18, because it’s Hug A Greet­ing Card Writer Day. On Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sep­tem­ber 19), drink your grog with your beau­ty, play your horn­pipe, and RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER, you land lub­ber. Tolkien Week is back (Sep­tem­ber 20–26) and bet­ta than eva. We’ll have books on tape play­ing through the store, a Tolkien quiz to take and gen­er­al enthu­si­asm all week. Nation­al Dog Week (Sep­tem­ber 20–26) is a great time to sneak­i­ly pet oth­er people’s dogs while they’re not look­ing. And may­be adopt a dog. Or take your own dog for a walk. What­EV­ER. DOTHING!

Birth­days this week: Sophie DahlMont­gomery Burns, and Agatha Christie (Sep­tem­ber 15), H.A. Rey (Sep­tem­ber 16), William Gold­ingHermione Granger, and Arthur Rack­ham (Sep­tem­ber 19), George R.R. Mar­t­in and Mal­colm Reynolds (Sep­tem­ber 20), Bill Mur­ray, Stephen King, and H.G. Wells (Sep­tem­ber 21).


Dear Diary Day (Sep­tem­ber 22) is a great time to get back to jour­nal­ing. And don’t hold back. For exam­ple, “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Mar­garet. Gretchen my friend, got her peri­od. I’m so jeal­ous, God.” #Judy­Blume. MOVING RIGHT ALONG. Hob­bit Day (Sep­tem­ber 22) means throw­ing a Bil­bo Bag­gins birth­day par­ty! Yay! Cel­e­brate Bisex­u­al­i­ty Day (Sep­tem­ber 23) is a hol­i­day close to our hearts. No mat­ter who you’re into, we love you just the way you are. On Punc­tu­a­tion Day (Sep­tem­ber 24), you can fin­ish every sen­tence with an excla­ma­tion point! And dou­ble ques­tion marks after all ques­tions. Nation­al One Hit Won­der Day (Sep­tem­ber 25) you can pore over this list and rem­i­nis­ce. On Love Note Day (Sep­tem­ber 26), write some­one you love a love note. And yes, it can be your pet. KU Book Club meets on Sep­tem­ber 27 at 6 PM to dis­cuss Ray Bradbury’s Some­thing Wicked this way Comes. Bring  your book and a friend! Banned Books Week (Sep­tem­ber 27 — Octo­ber 3) IS OUR FAVORITE! Come on in to see the banned books we sell, because damn the man! Get ready for Ask A Stu­pid Ques­tion Day (Sep­tem­ber 29). While you either believe in stu­pid ques­tions or you don’t, you’re bound to get asked one today. On what is like­ly the most pro­duc­tive day of the cal­en­dar year, Nation­al Cof­fee Day (Sep­tem­ber 29) is a great excuse to pound that cof­fee! Caffiene fore­var. Blas­phe­my Day (Sep­tem­ber 30) encour­ages indi­vid­u­als and groups to open­ly express crit­i­cism of reli­gion and blas­phe­my laws. So get to get­tin.

Birth­days this week: Frodo and Bil­bo Bag­gins (Sep­tem­ber 22), Arthur Guin­nessJim Hen­son, and F. Scott Fitzger­ald (Sep­tem­ber 24), Mark Hamill and Shel Sil­ver­stein (Sep­tem­ber 25), John­ny Apple­seed (Sep­tem­ber 26), T.S. Eliot and Scott Pil­grim (Sep­tem­ber 27), Tru­man Capote (Sep­tem­ber 30).

So, what do you think?