September 2016

Oh my good­ness, can you feel the air start­ing to crisp up and crack­le with leaves? SEPTEMBER WEVE MISSED YOU!

We have so many love­ly things hap­pen­ing this mon­th! For instance, Sep­tem­ber is Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­th and Library Card Sign-Up Mon­th! Hol­i­days this mon­th also include Be Late For Some­thing Day (Sep 5), Roald Dahl Day (Sep 13),  Tolkien Week (Sep 19 — 25) and Banned Books Week (Sep 25 — Oct 1)!! Birth­days this mon­th include Agatha Christie (Sep 15), Hermione Granger (Sep 19), and Scott Pil­grim (Sep 27). But seri­ous­ly, that’s just the tip­pi­ty top of the ice cream cone. Keep read­ing for EVEN MORE!


This mon­th is appar­ent­ly the mon­th to cel­e­brate a LOT of things. It is: Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­thChildren’s Good Man­ners Mon­thLibrary Card Sign-up Mon­thNation­al Hon­ey Mon­thShame­less Pro­mo­tion Mon­th and Plea­sure Your Mate Mon­th. Sooooooo you’ve got your work cut out for you in Sep­tem­ber! Got­ta cel­e­brate them all!



OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE SOOooO EXCITED to tell you that THIS WEEK IS Inter­na­tion­al Enthu­si­asm Week (Sep 1–7)!!!!! WE LOVE THIS WEEK.

I mean, hon­est­ly,  WE ARE actu­al­ly real­ly excit­ed AND enthu­si­as­tic, but it’s most­ly about the Scot­tish High­land Gath­er­ing and Games! Once a year you can dri­ve like an hour or so out­side of Pitts­burgh and pre­tend that you’re actu­al­ly in Scot­land. The whole of Idlewild park becomes bursts at the seams with a huge vari­ety of scot­tish pup­pies, men in kilts, belt­ing bag­pipes and big burly peo­ple throw­ing giant logs. There is NOTHING BETTER to do with your week­end this week­end. Seri­ous­ly. Go be Scot­tish for a day. You will have no regrets.

Oh. Also, Sep­tem­ber 3rd is Sky­scrap­er Day.


Start your week off right by being a total slack­er and feel­ing good about it! It’s Be Late For Some­thing Day (Sept 5). Per­son­al­ly, I think may­be I should be on time for some­thing to cel­e­brate being late for some­thing lit­er­al­ly every day of the year.

Next up is Salami Day (Sep 7)! And on the 8th, every­one should cel­e­brate the 1966 pre­miere of STAR TREK!! What a day! What a thing! Mod­ern soci­ety thanks you Star Trek, for fight­ing the moral fight. (Except for new Start Trek Movies. They don’t get any thanks for that. )

On the 10th is the all impor­tant Swap Ideas Day! Seri­ous­ly, with­out swap­ping ideas, we would have gone nowhere as a soci­ety or some­thing.

Birth­days this week include:
Jack Daniels and Wern­er Her­zog (both Sep 5) and Leo Tol­stoy (Sep 9).


This week, be sure to set aside some time to read your favorite Roald Dahl book!  Roald Dahl Day is Sep­tem­ber 13. This week­end, head over to Drink A Beer­fest on Sep 16–17!! And then, on the 18th, it’s Hug A Greet­ing Card Writer Day. We know some of those!

Birth­days this week include:
Bel­la Swan (Sep 13), Sophie Dahl, Mont­gomery Burns, and Agatha Christie (all Sep 15), and H.A. Rey (Sep 16).


This week is the cel­e­bra­tion of two of our favorite things! It’s Tolkien Week and Nation­al Dog Week (Sep 19–25)! Stop in the store with your pup­py to lis­ten to the won­der­ful sound of  Lord of the Rings like things waft from our speak­ers.

Yo ho, my hearties, the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day! And the Autumn Equinox is on the 22nd. That’s the also the first day of Fall, for you land­lub­bers out there.

Make sure that you stop by the store to check out our shiny jour­nal sec­tions! Why? Well, it’s Dear Diary Day (Sep 22). It’s also Hob­bit Day (also Sep 22) and we all know that the best hob­bits kept jour­nals.


Next up is Cel­e­brate Bisex­u­al­i­ty Day (Sep 23).

Cel­e­brate Punc­tu­a­tion Day (Sep 24) with one of this awe­some video! And here’s one for Nation­al One Hit Won­der Day (Sep 25).

Birth­days this week include:
William Gold­ingHermione Granger and Arthur Rack­ham (all Sep 19), George R.R. Mar­t­in and Mal­colm Reynolds (Sep 20), Bill Mur­rayStephen King and H.G. Wells (all Sep 21), Frodo Bag­gins and Bil­bo Bag­gins (both Sep 22), Arthur Guin­ness,  Jim Hen­son and F. Scott Fitzger­ald (all Sep 24), and Mark Hamill and Shel Sil­ver­stein (both Sep 25).


This week is Banned Books Week!!! Did you know that some of the sil­li­est books have been banned? Like for instance, Where’s Wal­do. That’s a banned book. Yes. Peo­ple are crazy. We love banned book week here at Kards Unlim­it­ed. Come talk to us about your favorite banned book, and we can com­mis­er­ate togeth­er on why peo­ple are so sil­ly.

Also this week is Love Note Day (Sep 26), Ask A Stu­pid Ques­tion Day (Sep 28), Nation­al Cof­fee Day (Sep 29) and Blas­phe­my Day (Sep 30).

Have you guys read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Pecu­liar Chil­dren?? It’s a pret­ty darn good book, and the movie comes out on the 30th!


Birth­days this week include:
John­ny Apple­seed (Sep 26), T.S. Eliot and Scott Pil­grim (both Sep 27), and Tru­man Capote (Sep 30).

So, what do you think?