Personally, I'm not sure that one month is enough time to fully appreciate the wonders of the apple, but we're just going to have to try and make it work.  I'll do my best.


So good, you guys.

We'll go with the obvious first.  Apples are delectable.  There are more than 7,000 different varieties of domesticated apple and all have slightly different looks, tastes, and textures.  Some are ideal for eating fresh, some are bred to be baked into pies or made into applesauce, still others are grown for juice and/or cider.  There are even some apple varieties that are bred specifically because the fruit can last fresh for months!  I'm an apple connoisseur (yeah, I said it), so I'm into eating apples just about every way you can.  Apple cider (hard or soft) is my favorite drink, fresh apples are probably the perfect food, and I don't think I have to add anything to the words 'apple pie.'


All the yes.

I hope you'll bear with me while I geek out a bit over apples.  If you're into horticulture at all, then you will find apples not only great to eat but freaking fascinating.  Domestic apples are the descendants of a wild apple which still grows in central Asia.  There is no historical information regarding when humans first starting purposefully cultivating apples, but several Classical European mythologies refer to domestic apples including the golden apples in Hera's orchard.  While it's certainly not definitive, this at least indicates that fruit cultivation was already an established practice by around 900 B.C.  Another extremely interesting thing about growing apples is that all the apple trees of a given variety are exactly the same.  If you were to plant a seed from a Red Delicious, the fruit from the resulting tree would not be Red Delicious, so in order to make the millions of Red Delicious trees that exist in the world, branches have been cut and grafted from the original tree onto root stock from other trees.  This is a relatively common practice in the horticultural world, but I still think it's totally wild!

As September progresses and we get closer to Autumn, make sure you get your apple fix!  There are several great local orchards around Pittsburgh, so get out there and get yourself some delicious apples!  Make pie!  Make cider!  Eat apples!  Come get yourself the Craft Cider-making Guide!  An adorable stuffed apple!  An apple-scented candle or soap!  A yummy apple and spice tea!  Apple Month!


All the apple things!

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