I don't think I ever actually took any of my teachers an apple ever.  Coulda shoulda woulda.


Too cute. Wish I had done this.

I did totally appreciate my teachers, though.  When you consider, in your adult life, how much you owe the person who taught you to read, the person (or people) who taught you basic arithmetic, and even the people who taught you higher skills like rhetoric, philosophy, literature, calculus, et al, all those people whose concerted efforts nurtured your mental abilities into what they became, made you, in short, the person that you are, the debt is staggering.

I suppose that my regard for teachers was instilled early in life.  My grandmother worked as a teacher when I was a kid and my parents were always involved in my schooling when I was young, so having a good relationship with teachers came pretty easily to me.  It's not necessarily something that a child thinks about, but in retrospect that's something that really sets the tone for at least the remainder of your childhood if not the remainder of your life.


I don't think any of my teachers follow this blog, but for all you teachers out there, thanks.

This is starting to get rambly, so I'll just wrap it up with a little reminder that teachers deal with us when we're pretty much at our worst, they're the people who get the least respect in relation to the respect that they deserve, and they also are not exactly compensated in a manner befitting their efforts.  So the least you can do this week (and really, every day) is appreciate them.

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