You said it, John.

On April 12th, we celebrate Drop Everything And Read Day, quite possibly the most sensible holiday of all time. Now, the good folks at We Create All the Holidays Inc. and myself seem to be in a bit of a disagreement about the duration of this holiday -- they say "Day," I prefer "Everday" -- but it gives me warm and fuzzy feeling that the powers that be in the Fake Holiday/Novelties community recognize that reading is best thing ever. Tops. The bee's knees. A-plus super-great. The best. So drop everything and read, because there is nothing better.


Because when I read I am the bastard son of a Russian landowner. I am a pill chewing mother of four, I am sole survivor of the Apocalypse,  I am Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose, I am the Devil Himself.

Because when I'm reading the edges of my vision sometimes go all fuzzy and there really is nothing but the page.

Because absolutely everything can wait till the end of the chapter.

Go ye readers. Laze about.


I think we can all agree that Jesse Eisenberg isn't reading in this picture. Probably because we're not convinced he can read...

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