7 Aug

Sidney Crosby

Lace up those skates, and hit the ice, August 7th is Sidney Crosby's Birthday!


"Bring Cake."

Sid the Kid. You know who he is, you know what he's done, but let's recap. Sid is arguably the best player currently competing in the NHL and may in fact, when his career is over, be regarded as the single greatest player of all time. Why? Well...


I mean, just look at him. 

Okay, so he can rock denim, but it's not the only thing that makes him a great hockey player. In fact, it in no way enters into hockey whatsoever, it's just a real hot pic. But he has done the following...

1. In his first NHL season, Crosby finished sixth in the scoring race with 102 points (39 goals and 63 assists).

2.Crosby was named Penguins captain prior to the start of 2007-08 season. He was 20 years old the first time he wore the "C."

3.   He led the Penguins to their first Stanley Cup Final since 1992 in his first season as captain

4. Crosby became the youngest captain in NHL history to lead his team to the Cup when the Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings in seven games in 2009. He was 21.


( I am 22, and have accomplished nothing except this blog)

5. At the 2006 World Championships, Crosby played for Canada and had 16 points (eight goals, eight assists) in nine games. At age 18, he was the youngest player to win a scoring title in tournament history.

6. In 2005-06, Crosby's rookie season, he became the only first-year player in NHL history to have more than 100 points and 100 PIMs (102 points, 110 PIMs)

7. During the 2011-12 season, Sid became the seventh-fastest player to reach 600 career points

That's a pretty impressive list, oh I did I mention....


He's also a Gold Medalist who scored the deciding goal, in overtime, to win it all...

Luckily, on June 28, the Penguins announced that Crosby had agreed to a 12-year extension that will keep Sid in Pittsburgh until 2025.

And he's just getting started....

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