8 Aug

Sneaky Zucchini!

If you are a gar­den­er, farmer, or zuc­chini enthu­si­ast, then you’re prob­a­bly ready to cel­e­brate Nation­al Sneak Some Zuc­chini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day on August 8.  Each year, like a plague upon their hous­es, neigh­bors with abun­dant har­vests rush upon bare porch­es adorn­ing them with fruit (yes zuc­chini is a fruit)!  One must employ great stealth not to be seen.  After all, we want peo­ple think­ing, “What the hell is that?  Is that a zuc­chini?  Whose zuc­chini is this?  Is it my zuc­chini?”  If one doesn’t employ great stealth, then the jig is up!

This is the least sneaky of all the zucchinis...

This is the least sneaky of all the zuc­chin­is…

So, here is some advice for any novice zuc­chini sneaks:

If you need some stickies to leave notes on your zucchini, we've got them!

If you need some stick­ies to leave notes on your zuc­chini, we’ve got them!

  1. Remem­ber to har­vest some zuc­chini blos­soms.  By har­vest­ing the zuc­chini blos­soms you will reduce the over­abun­dance that nor­mal­ly results from grow­ing zuc­chini.  Zuc­chini blos­soms can be eat­en raw, fried, or stuffed and cooked.
  2. Even one zuc­chini plant will pro­duce a moun­tain of zuc­chin­is!
  3. Be cre­ative.  Don’t just lob a zuc­chini onto your neighbor’s porch like an apa­thet­ic kid on a paper route (unless you hate them or some­thing).  Inter­net leg­end says to leave a bas­ket under the cov­er of dark­ness, but that seems too sim­plis­tic.  Have fun with it!  Wear a dis­guise, dis­guise your zuc­chini, leave a note, don’t leave a note, leave a recipe…the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less.
  4. How­ev­er you decide to leave your zuc­chini, your neigh­bors will be thrilled to share in the fruits of your labor.  Shar­ing is cool and so are you.  Per­haps you should share your favorite zuc­chini recipe too.
Zucchinis in disguise!

Zuc­chin­is in dis­guise!

Here are three won­der­ful zuc­chini recipes to try if you’re one of the lucky ducks that gets free zuc­chini!

Baked Zuc­chini Sticks

Zuc­chini Frit­ters

Zuc­chini Olive Oil Cake

Existential crisis weenie dog: I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM ANYMORE!

Exis­ten­tial cri­sis wee­nie dog: I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM ANYMORE!

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