Aquaman?  More like AquaBAMF.  The trident-toting, Latex-wearing, fish-language-speaking King of Atlantis is, by FAR, my favorite superhero.  That is, if you don't include Robin.  I'm not sure why he's my favorite, because I hate the ocean and everything to do with it.  Your skin gets all dried out from the salt, and there are so many creepy things swimming around in the dark down there....uggghhhh, I just shuddered.  Then again, given Aquaman's skintight costume and perfectly toned physique, I'm certainly willing to overlook the fact that he prefers to spend most of his time submerged in saltwater and surrounded by things with tentacles and suckers and big pouty lips.

Arthur "A.C." Curry (a.k.a. Aquaman) first appeared in comics in November 1941, and he's been melting the hearts of bikini babes and curvy mermaids (and more than a few nerdy guys) ever since.  Aquaman's origin story has changed over the years, but he was originally the son of a famous deep-sea explorer who discovered the lost underwater city of Atlantis and turned his only child into a human fish by enhancing him with the alien technology he found there.  Wow, what a super dad.


You can be king of my lost underwater civilization ANY day.

I don't read comics (I feel like I should apologize for that, and I don't really know why), so I first became acquainted with Aquaman through the TV show Smallville.  And let me tell you, any episode with both Superman AND Aquaman was bound to send me into a tizzy.  God, I miss that show.  I think there was supposed to be an Aquaman spin-off but the CW network is run by a bunch of butts and I guess they passed on it.  Their loss.  Wait, that was my loss, too.  DAMMIT.

Aquaman's powers include shooting electricity and water from the tip of his trident, swimming really, really fast, and talking to fish.  And breathing underwater, obviously.  And wooing me with just a flash of those dark brown eyes.  But I think that's probably unintentional.

AC Smallville

Aquaman circa 'Smallville' - I'd risk drowning if it meant you'd be there to save me.

Today (January 29th) is Aquaman's birthday, so let's celebrate with a cake made out of canned tuna and a slurry of sexy Aquaman photos.  That first one was a trick, but I would never lie to you about sexy photos.  Here:




Um HI.




It's cute when they fight over me.

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