Not every superhero is lucky enough to have a family. In fact, it's often the lack of loved ones that propels a "Mask" into the battle, as it were, and what pushes them to keep searching for justice.

We know Bruce Wayne lost his parents at a very young age due to violence, and Batman has never been one to show much emotion. He's reserved and quiet when it comes to his feelings on...feelings. However, every now and again we get a peek into the softer side of the Bat. Especially when it comes to his son, Damian.

There's a father-son bond between these two that isn't often seen in the many worlds of comics. Bruce was unaware of his son's existence; Damien was brought up by Talia al Ghul and trained by the League of Assassins to be able to destroy Batman. The plans went awry and Damian ended up being adopted by Bruce and trained as his next Robin. Bruce worries about his son in the way only a man who has lost his whole family can, and vice versa. They keep each other in line. It can be quite dramatic and even adorable to see their interactions together.

But where Bruce is very strict and straight-laced, Damian is easy-going and loves to laugh. Damian's sassy attitude is quite amusing and his rule-breaking can often get him into trouble with Bruce and the other members of the Bat-family. There was always a conflict within Damian that had him, on one hand, looking to Batman as his father and mentor, but on the other hand, looking to his grandfather Ra's al Ghul (the Demon's head) as an influence. It's all too easy to kill your enemies and walk away. Damian struggles with his inner demons on a daily basis.

Because Damian has chosen to stay with Bruce and chosen the path of not killing, Talia and Ra's want revenge. They feel that he has betrayed the family and all of their teachings, so they set out to assassinate him and to hurt Bruce in one terrible moment.

The assassination plot a success, Damien is killed, but as long as the Multiverse flourishes and the Lazares Pits boil, all is not lost...



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