13 Mar

St Patrick’s Day!

The parade is Saturday the 16th, people!  If you haven't prepared already (and probably even if you have), you'd better come down to the store and grab your St. Paddy's day accoutrements!

We have T-shirts!

pic 4

Keep Calm and Drink On!

Lol, "Magically Delicious."  So many inappropriate connotations, you guys.

We also have Lucky Shamrock wands, Irish Accent Breath Spray, fun green facial hair, and soooooo many stickers.  More stickers than any one human could ever need or use.  And some great Ireland-themed books!  If you haven't shopped our St Paddy's section and you thought you were ready for this weekend, you were wrong.  Come see!

pic 1

You've heard of Shamrock Shakes? Try Shamrock Soap!

pic 2

The Port-A-Pint is literally the perfect St. Paddy's Day device. I have 3.

A collapsible pint glass!  Can you even imagine the possibilities?!  Now, open containers are not permitted at the parade (seriously, they're going to fine people, apparently), but the celebrations after definitely call for the Port-A-Pint.  I mean, come on.  (Btw, here's a link to the parade site.)

pic 3

Here's some green, stick-on sideburns. Because why not?

Ok, I guess that's it.  Just wanted to share my St. Patrick's Day excitement with you guys.  Have a fun (but responsible!) weekend!


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