14 Aug

Steve Martin

August 14 marks the birthday for one of the greats of comedy, a personal hero, Steve Martin.

Martin is overwhelmingly known for his comedy and acting, but what most people aren't aware of is that he's also a gifted musician, author, playwright, and producer. He's a multi-talented, dare I say, genius?


I dare. 

On top of which, he's kind of a silver fox, no?
steve-martin (1)


And he's the only man who can make an arrow through the head, look so damn sexy.


Sexy? Is sexy the word I'm looking for? Yeah, definitely sexy.

But his greatest achievement by far was the  befriending the Muppets.


And now I'm going to plug The Jerk, one of the greatest comedies put to film. Ever. If you disagree with me we fight at fourth bell behind school because you're wrong. If you haven't seen this Steve Martin classic, go find it. Now. I'll wait....


Stay away from the cans.

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