1 Feb

Superbowl XLVIII

This Sunday, February 2nd, marks the single greatest day of the year for Americans. Superbowl Sunday. A day dedicated to the consumption of doritos, dips, chips, cakes, and steaks. And of course,  intoxication via watered down domestic brews. America.


It's not the Steelers, so who cares, right?

This year the Seattle Seahawks face off against the Denver Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII (48). And by face off, I mean the Seahawks will show up, but it looks like the Broncos are going to smear the mat with the hawks because of this little weapon...


...and his laser rocket arm. 

However, in this very rare and exciting case, both cities win. Why? Because fans of teams will be able to comfortably sit in their living rooms, and after purchasing marijuana from a store due to new laws about legality, will smoke a super bowl in honor of the Superbowl. If you're confused about smoking a super bowl, just ask your teenage son or daughter.


A more accurate representation of this year's bowl.

My prediction? Denver 31 - Seattle 17, But the real winner will be Papa John's.

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