25 Mar

Superman vs Batman

bat1Well, guys. It’s here! The next/new/current/redo version of the SUPERMAN and BATMAN STORY.

It hits theaters TODAY.

I’m not going to lie to you, personally, I’m going to wait to see what other people say about it to see it myself. I’ve been burned out by new batmen. Also, I still have my doubts about the bat-suit.

I am, however, VERY …. excited is the wrong word. interested? about the portrayal of WonderWoman! !!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Please dear god of everything Superhero, please let her be totally kick-ass.

Anyway. Think about seeing the movie, I guess. I’m sure we’ll all have opinions in the next few days here in the store. So when you stop by to check out all our amazing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman merchandise, feel free to ask us if we’ve seen it yet!


So, what do you think?