I love field trips and this mon­th is Nation­al Field Trip Mon­th!  If you’re a nan­ny, teacher, moth­er, father, aunt, uncle, teacher, grand­par­ent or any per­son with legal access to a child, plan your spe­cial lit­tle munchk­in a trip.  The­se are mem­o­ries that will last a life­time.  Don’t slack off, it’s time you’ll nev­er get back.  This hol­i­day isn’t just for kids, if you’re a col­lege stu­dent enjoy­ing Pitts­burgh for the first time you should try to get out there this mon­th before the weath­er goes ka-blewy again.  As Miss Friz­zle says, “Take chances.  Make mis­takes.  Get messy.”

Hands on activ­i­ties engage stu­dents who would oth­er­wise be dis­en­gaged.  Learn­ing is cool, but every­one absorbs infor­ma­tion dif­fer­ent­ly, just like paper tow­el brands (Sparkle is clear­ly the vil­lage idiot of paper tow­els).  The weath­er is glo­ri­ous, the leaves are chang­ing, it’s a beau­ti­ful time of year to be out and about.  There’s no age lim­it on learn­ing.  Get out there and learn some­thing new!

Pitts­burgh has no short­age of fan­tas­tic field trip loca­tions!  So here are my rec­om­men­da­tions, in case you hate google or some­thing:

-Lau­rel Cav­erns:
Are you an adven­ture junky?  Does crawl­ing through an under­ground cave sys­tem sound delight­ful?  Then spelunk­ing is for you!  No wor­ries, there are two tours, an advanced tour where you get deep in it, as the youths say, or an eas­ier tour.  They also have mini golf; the only mini golf ever made in a cave.  If mini golf and spelunk­ing are too adven­tur­ous for you, they also have gem­stone pan­ning.  There is a guid­ed tour that’s hand­i­cap acces­si­ble!  Yay!  Plus, it’s locat­ed in the strik­ing­ly beau­ti­ful Lau­rel High­lands.



Falling­wa­ter is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Lau­rel Cav­erns.  They do an ear­ly morn­ing nature hike on select week­ends to explore the grounds around Frank Lloyd Wright’s mas­ter­piece.  Wright was all about fus­ing nat­u­ral land­scapes with archi­tec­ture.

-Ken­tuck Knob:

This is anoth­er Frank Lloyd Wright house.  Tours are open from 9 AM until 4 PM, except Wednes­days when they open at noon.  You must sched­ule a tour in advance.  Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “No house should ever be on a hill or on any­thing.  It should be of the hill.  Belong­ing to it.  Hill and house should live togeth­er each the hap­pier for the oth­er.”  There is a mod­ern sculp­ture col­lec­tion on the grounds.

-Every­one knows about the Carnegie Sci­ence Cen­ter and the Carnegie Art and Nat­u­ral His­to­ry Muse­ums, but they’re still great field trip loca­tions.  

phippsPhipps has a vari­ety of cool exhibits and events.  Whether you like wine, fairy tales, or the African Con­go, Phipps has some­thing for every­one to enjoy.
And don’t for­get to record your expe­ri­ences in a new jour­nal from Kards Unlim­it­ed!

So, what do you think?