One of the few things cool­er than actu­al­ly own­ing a dog is being able to take it places. Ya know, you can’t just walk into the gro­cery store or the phar­ma­cy with your dog. So you have to leave Fido at home while you run errands and go to work and you know that he’s secret­ly mad at you when you do this and then you feel bad but what can you do? Luck­i­ly, Shadyside is pret­ty darn accom­mo­dat­ing when it comes to bring­ing your dog out and about. We are one of the many awe­some busi­ness­es that has no prob­lem-o with your bring­ing your dog in with you.

Yogi comes to work!

Yogi comes to work!

Enter Take Your Dog to Work Day. Prob­lem solved! You get to bring your dog with you instead of leav­ing him home to stare at the wall for the entire day, just so he has as much ener­gy as pos­si­ble stored up when you get home so he can dri­ve you absolute­ly nuts with all of his ener­gy. This is the one day of the year where you say, “To hell with that!” and you bring your dog­gy along. And by the time you get home at the end of the day he is joy­ous­ly worn out from being *awake* all day. What a strange sen­sa­tion for the both of you!

I hope you have an enjoy­able day at work hang­ing out with your dog! Hap­py Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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